How to update proxyAddresses on a mailbox with an x500 address without having an x500 Proxy Generation DLL on the server?

Our VB6 program need to update Exchange2003 property "proxyAddresses" on a mailbox object.
Vi need to add an x500 address. We do that by writing the address to cdoexm.ImailRecipient.ProxyAddresses.
When we do that an exection i thrown:
This type of e-mail address could not be created because the e-mail address generation .DLL file is not available.
- - ID no: c1030b38 - Microsoft CDO for Exchange Management
We don't want the proposes DLL on our server. We can add the x500 address manuelly using the GUI "AD Users & Computers".
By choosing an address of type "other adress", the address i accepted, so when can be done by the GUI it is also
possible using code, but how?
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Use ADModify instead, I believe it can do this in bulk, from the Custom tab. Is it the X500 address of a server? If so, ADModify will handle this easily. Make sure you choose "multivalued append" or it will OVERWRITE the current value, instead of add one.


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raasorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Kidego.

I got a good view of your answer on this page:

I'm trying to join their group , so I'll maybe will be able to see the code.

Still just hoping :-) ....
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
let me know...

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