1760 Router config - Internet Access

i have 1760 router configured for 2 Internet connections:

the s1/0 interface is directly connected to ISP and is functioning fine.

my e0/0 interface is routing to another private network ( /24), with an ip of .200.

the router has an  additional route ( 100) is the default gateway of the network that my e0/0 interface is connected to.

from my LAN ( /24), as well as from the e0/0 interface, i can ping, but i cannot get further than that i.e. the internet.

why can't i connect to the Internet through my e0/0 interface?

any suggestions
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> 100
Because the "100" at the end specifically gives it a higher cost than your "regular" default, so unless you remove the default that points to the serial interface, no other traffic will ever use this "higher cost" route..

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andreacadiaAuthor Commented:
ahh.....Well my goal is to use the e0/0 interface only as a backup in the event that my T1 (s1/0) fails...So i want people to be able to access the Internet throught the e0/0 interface only if the T1 line for some reason fails.

You said

"...unless you remove the default that points to the serial interface, no other traffic will ever use this "higher cost" route.."

Does this mean that even if my T1 fails, traffic will still not use the e0/0 interface?

No, if your T1 fails, that original default route will drop out on its own, and the alternate route will take over..
andreacadiaAuthor Commented:
so the fact that i cannot ping to a location on the internet from my e0/0 interface is 'normal' as long as the t1 is up and running?

and, the way to test and make sure that my e0/0 interface can access the Internet would be to manually take down the t1 or to shutdown the interface?

I assume that in the event of failure, that once traffic can access the internet via the T1  again, all traffic will return to using the T1?

Is this the best way to implement a simple auto failover?
Yes - to all 4 questions.
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