Can I program my SoundBlaster Live card to be set for a certain sound level at startup?

I have a soundblanster live card installed in my WinXP-Pro desktop.  My wife plays games and turns the sound off, then forgets to turn it back on.  How do I set the card to be turned on at a medium level?
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I don't think that's possible, but you should be able to create a shortcut to your sound card mixer program and place the shortcut in the startup folder. This will startup the mixer at boot-time so you can enable the sound.
This works in WIN-98, not sure if this will work in XP, but it's worth a try.

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rdavesAuthor Commented:
I may not have asked the question correctly.  When I installed the Soundblaster software, an entry went into my Autoexec.bat that had a bunch of cryptic stuff related to Soundblaster which sets its performance at startup.  I was wondering if this command string might have something in it such that, when I cold start my computer, the Soundblaster volume gets turned on and set to medium output.
The stuff in AUTOEXEC.BAT is only used in DOS mode to define things like I/O address, IRQ, DMA, etc.
It does not setup any parameters as regards volume or enabling inputs. Those settings are controlled by the mixer.
Can't you just have two separate logins - one for you and one for your wife?  That's what they're for - settings and such.  When she logs in it'll keep the sound off but when you log in it'll have the volume at medium.
You don't have to shut the computer down, just "log off" so she can log on.
rdavesAuthor Commented:
I guess I can't set the card to come up with volume turned on.  Oh well.  
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