Searching using Index Server and ASP.NET

I'm looking to implement a more robust search engine on an existing ASP.NET app. The application allows uploading of documents (word, excel, etc) and stores the files on a directory, and also inserts a row into SQL Server table, lets call the table 'files'. it stores information about the documents such as filesize, type, filename, etc.

My question is.... using Index Server (which I  have not had the pleasure of doing up till now) will it be possible to query the Index Server catalog thru a SQL stored procedure, and do a JOIN on other tables (ie my 'files' table.) to check for permissions, etc

For instance, (pseudo code)
SELECT something FROM IndexServerCatalog as ISC on blah blah..
JOIN FILES as F on ISC.DocumentTitle = F.DocumentTitle AND F.CreatedBy = @CreatedBy

Rodney HelsensAsked:
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Have a look at the following MS Howto:

Title: HOW TO: Use an ASP.NET Application to Query an Indexing Service Catalog by Using Visual Basic .NET

HTH, Nauman.
Rodney HelsensAuthor Commented:
nauman, thanks for the link, I had seen this KB article already. I am really trying to determine how it would be possible to perform a JOIN on the results. This question may be more suited to the SQL Server area.

My scenario is. I want to be able to apply my own SQL based permissons to the Index Server results..

User A has permissions to see documents 1,2 and 3...

User A searches the Index Server catalog but only return results which he has permissions to view. I considered passing this (@Docs = '1,2,3') as a param to the IndexServer query..but in reality, the user could have permissions on 1,000's of documents, so thi would seem less than ideal.

So I was wondering if it was possible to somehow JOIN the results from IndexServer search with the permssions table in my application database.

Any ideas appreciated..
Duane LawrenceCommented:
I found something better


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