Configuring Lotus Domino Server to handle Multi-Popping from another server

Our company is completing a name change.  We currently have Domino 6.5 setup to recieve our email for  The new domaing will be handled by an off-site mail server (Non-Domino).  I wanted to know if there is a way that Domino can pop the messages off of the server and deliver them locally, without having to configured everyones Notes client for the POP3 server.  If there are anyways that this can be done with Replications please let me know.  Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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PaulCutcliffeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes this can be done easily, but as far as I know, you need a little third-party utility - we use one called POPWeasel. Basically, it collects mail from one or more POP servers & delivers it via SMTP to another mail server. It costs just GBP £65 (about EUR/USD 100).

From the website (
 POPWeasel Features
 Expand the abilities of your SMTP mail server...
 Collect mail from multiple POP accounts.
 Pass mail on to SMTP enabled servers like Lotus Notes/Domino and
 MS Exchange/Exchange 2000.
 Command line driven for simple system integration.
 Easy to configure with our setup application.
 Powerful and flexible mail routing process.
 Extensive logging capabilities to assist with problem solving.
 Superb administration utility allows rapid diagnostics.
Well you can handle the name change on domino server too.. there is no need for another server to do this..

Second you can pull the mails from other server to domino server and then let domino take care of distributing the mail to users..for this you have to make some configuration changes and it depends on how much of access you have to non-domino server and what is this non-domino server ?

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Using Linux, the utility "fetchmail" is for free!
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KelnozzAuthor Commented:
Basically our parent company is using Exchange to handle the corporate-wide email solution.  We as a business unit are running Domino/Notes and have many databases written and linked into Notes and would like to keep that going.  We will basically have little to no control or access to the root servers for changes.  We will also need to figure out a way to mask our outgoing messages so that they appear to be from the new domains.  Thanks for all of the input so far.
For incoming mail, get Exchange to deliver all the mail to a single (or multiple) mailbox(es), then get POPWeasel or fetchmail to collect it & deliver it to your Notes users. For outgoing mail, configure the Domino server to forward all mail to one of the Exchange servers.
There seems to be a way where you can setup multiple domain mapped to the domino server.. but your other exchange server might create a conflict...

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