Validating Windows user From a Linux Box?????????

I know that I can use NIS for Linux to Linux Box authenication.......But I need to be able to validate windows client Machines to with out having
to go buy a new server and a copy of windows server does any one know of any work arounds to get this to work.
I know with a windows to windows domain you can authenicate users But how on Windows to Linux ???????????
If any one has any idea about how to do this it would be much apreciated So that I don't have to go out and spend
big $$$$ on a copy of server and a new machine

Thanks Experts
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Hi fulp02,
You can install Samba and configure Winbind. This will enable Linux users to authenticate against a Windows domain controller.
fulp02Author Commented:
No , I want to authenicate Windows users against a linux box.
not authenicate Linux user against a  windows domain controller
sorry if i was speaking giberish up above thanks for the comment though ..
In that case you just need to install Samba and configure it to be a domain controller. Add your machines into the domain and the users will login to the domain just as they would if it was a windows server.

I would recomend that you use LDAP for the user database. It is more work to setup but worth it as you can easily implement a back domain controller using it.

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fulp02Author Commented:
Thank You so Much , Your My Hero man.
This site is so worthy of the cost , but only Because of the experts !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks grblades !
Here is a LDAP/SAMBA link:-
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