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I have a client who sees illegal links on his web site. The links are active for a small list of keywords and are directed to one of his competior's web sites.  I'm sure this is some type of adware program, but I'm not sure how it was installed or how to remove it.  When he mouses over any links on his web site, he sees a link in the status window like this:

Any clue as to what this is and how to get rid of it?
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Have you tried using the free Ad-Aware located at:

Hope this helps!

Run it a couple of times in a row, scanning the entire pc and all the drives.

Good Luck!


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"The links are active for a small list of keywords and are directed to one of his competior's web sites."

So long as it only happens to him on his computer, it is most likely spyware.

Adaware can probably sort it out.
Not adware, this is HijackWare.
The surefire way to rid is fdisk anf format. (reload)
However, it will probably help to know what was used, how it was done, to keep it from happening again.
This is big business strategy, defined in courtrooms more as crime than business.
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If you download the free trial for Giant AntiSpyware located @ and run that you should be able to clear alot more adware. Also if you get a good antivirus program with capabilities of finding expanded threats (i use Symantec Antivirus 9.0 w/ Firewall). Is the website his personal/business website or is this just when he surfs the web? If it's HIS website then you could also add a code to keep people from rightclicking on the site and viewing the source or maybe a code to just encrypt the source code.
On your client's website.... this isn't spyware or adware, this is your client's website being comprimised.... hacked...... Unless, your client is using a free web hosting service, then that would explain a lot. Free web hosting services scan the web pages they host, then add their own advertising links to the page based on key words the find within the site.

BatManJoeAuthor Commented:
Turns out is was adware from Not sure where he picked it up. I found several articles with links to more info at  
Great, glad you're up and running!

Good luck with all your projects and PC problems!

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