increase volume of a wave file

How can I increase the volume of a wave file? I don't mean to adjust the speaker volume, but I actually need to increase the volume of a recorded wave file.
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Look for DSMixer in
and format description in

You should multiply each sound sample in a file by a constant factor.

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re-record the file with output volume at a louder level. Whether you can do this directly through your app i dunno.

First recorded input level was 100%
Recording volume was 100%

re-record and second recording should be 200% the original volume. I think :-)

Sure there's a better way, just an idea.
rbohacAuthor Commented:
unfortunately I can't record at a higher volume
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rbohacAuthor Commented:
  great links! that will at least get me started
Why not?

I know i've done it through the sound recorder i mean recording the audio once say from tape and then rigging my line-out port to the mic-in and re-recording to achieve a higher volume. That worked for me there must be a way to do it internally without rigging line out to mic Through your program i mean.
rbohacAuthor Commented:
The audio isn't being recorded via a sound card. It is over T1's or E1's tie lines using specialized hardware
One word of caution, if you simply multiply the amplitude of the sound file you can easily get into clipping (8/16-bit value reaching the max/min value). This clipping causes distortion of the resulting audio. A little clipping may not be noticable, but large amounts of clipping cause serious quality degredation. If you are goind to write resampling software to change the volume, you probably want to either listen to the output files for distortion or algorithmically check for clipping before you resample the file.
rbohacAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay. got busy at work. I am starting to look at this now
rbohacAuthor Commented:
I never did get this figured out.. I keep getting pulled away from the project. I will revisit this at a later date
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