windows xp slow when on hotel high speed

If i take my laptop to the hotel and use the broadband it is horribly slow and programs take a while to open.. as soon as i unplug it they pop right up.. any ideas?
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Are you saying if you are only in hotel broadband , applications run slow.

what kind of applications are you talking about ?
can you connect your laptop to a different broadband connection and check the behavior ?

If you donot have a firewall , try installing a good firewall like zonealarm and control the programs that gets connected to internet..

have you scanned for virus and spywares lately ?

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evileyejoeAuthor Commented:
anything really... it will pretty much happen if I connect to a different domain than what my office is or any hotel or any friends broadband connection... so pretty much everything.

I have corp black ice installed and have no viruses or spyware... norton is what I have.. system is secured but it doesn't like something.

I'm close to just wiping my computer anyway and reinstalling xp but wanted to see if anyone knew what this was.
Hmm I think the key could be in the set up for moblie networking. I have not had much experience with Windows and mobile networking but I have had some problems with Red Hat setup in the past. Sorry I cannot be of much detail but if your office is the only place that it is working fast it could be that your computer is activley searching for host nodes and/or the location of your home node that may not exist.

This could mean absolutley nothing but its worth a shot. Does your office broadband use DHCP? If so when you connect to a hotel network try forcing an IP address rather than having one allocated. Also Mac address registration? A possible problem.

Let me know

It's probably not this exactly but when my server goes down my client computers totally die off.  The problem is that Office XP is a network based application, which won't run without the server, and the clients total functionality seem to be integrated into the whole mess somehow.  Sounds like your computer is looking for a server on your domain for some basic application it is not finding.  Maybe MSOffice or Network Antivirus software, but could be anything.
evileyejoeAuthor Commented:
thanks.. Does dound like it could be a problem with it looking for something.. will dive further.
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