The same old 'Row cannot be located for updating....'


I am using D6 and Intraweb.

In the application, I have one ADOconnection component and 36 ADOtable components.

Things seem to work just fine until more than one person is accessing the web appliction built with these components.

I do not use an ADODataset component.

I tried  ADOTable1.Properties['Update Criteria'].value := adCriteriaKey;   but adCriteriaKey generates an 'undeclared variable'


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Does the file have right privlidges for multi user.

Maybe create a kind of buffer to interact between the two Client(S) > Buffer > File?

Sounds simply like a sharing conflict try adapting you code & re-think the interaction between client,  code, DB Util, and file

Might solve it i dunno just a suggestion
are there any triggers for that table? I too faced the same problem once, and after spending a lot of time, i found that a trigger was causing the problem.
Row cannot be located for updating....

just refers to primary keys missing from the table you are trying to update, the code needs that to be able to resolve back to the record that was being edited
4hplusAuthor Commented:
I have solved the problem:

The solution was to issue the following command the instant I opened one of the data tables (I never change the value of the
key field)

ADOTableXX.Properties['Update Criteria'].value := adCriteriaKey;  {Constant found in ADOInt unit}  Where XX is the
ADOTable component number.  The default update criteria is to check for changes in all fields (columns).  adCriteriaKey
forces the ADO to just check the key field.

This is not a component static property, it must be set dynamically.

During intense testing, the 'row cannot be located for updating....' error message was never issued again.

Thanks All


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