Back up to external drive.


I am running server 2000 and my tape drive decided not to eject my tape. Untill I get the time to bring down the server and fiddle with it I want to use an external hard drive to back up my data. I have tried using Veritas and NTbackup. I cannot find where to tell it to write to the external hard drive instead of my tapes. Any ideas
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The drive has to have a drive letter on it.  Then, using NTBackup, select the backup destination as a FILE - I'm literally doing that exact thing now.

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I have two servers daily backing up data to two external hard drives.
windows should recognize the external hard drive and assign a letter to it.
write to that lettered drive.
might have to reboot the server if the drive is not found.
kroberts00Author Commented:
Is it normal for the backup to be so quick I am use to 5 hour backups?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
How quick was it?  My guess is you missed some key folder.  But how much data are you backing up normally?  Are you sure you backed up everything the same (My 4GB backup took about 40 minutes (from a firewire 400 drive).
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
I love this program, it works wonders. Great, Great, Great

Robocopy is ease of use, and easy to transfer data.
If the File Time Stamp is different is replaces the file.
If the File Time Stamp is the same, It leaves it and goes to the next.

This is the command that I use to backup my Server(s)
We have 4 Servers in line.

( WinNT4  has a problem with the Command Prompt, So I had to copy the .exe into the same folder with "Robocopy" thus the drive letter change )

From Dos-Prompt
Type in:

  F:\>robocopy G:\InetPub\wwwroot \\Other-Server\G\InetPub\wwwroot *.* /E /T

F:\> This is the drive that I have the Robocopy in plus the Command Prompt in.

This is the Source Path of the files that I want to copy over

This is the Distination folder to copy the files to:

: Copy Subfolders, including Empty Subfolders.

: Checks for Time Stamp

This program is free, and works great

Robocopy is a wonderful solution you many use;
But on top of that; why wont you 'Image' your Server's hard drive to the external one? Did you think that direction? Do you want to think that direction?

If yes; do you use any Mirror like architecture? SCSI interface and forth?

WhitePhantomIT ProfessionalCommented:
An external hard drive on USB 2.0 or FireWire is MUCH faster than a tape drive.  One of my clients backs up 40GB every few days to a USB2 hard drive, and it takes about 2½ hours.

Regarding Veritas Backup Exec, you definitely need to have a drive letter assigned to the external hard drive, and then you must add a backup-to-disk folder under Devices.  After creating the backup-to-disk folder, go into your backup job properties and point it there for the backup.

kroberts00Author Commented:
Windows assigned the drive a letter. The ntbackup worked good. I only wanted this for a quick backup because my tape went down I already use ghost to create an image of the server every month. I will try Veritas tomorrow. Thanks for the responces.

A little off subject what are the pros and cons on using a external hard drive for your incremental and full backups?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Pro: Direct disk access, possibly direct file access depending on method of backup, high speed.
Con: Drives cost more than tape.  Especially if you're backing up large amounts of data.  No real good method of changing drives into a backup device (No auto-loader drive libraries for backups.
Another con: A disk is so common and is used in every PC. If a PCs Disk goes bad, someone will see one of those backup disks, snatch it and use it in that PC, and you have lost the backup. Tapes on the other hand are something uncommon, you need a special drive for it, so the above is less likely to happen.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
In our Business Network, we have a "HP NetServer Pro" That we use
Strickly as a Backup System.
The NetServer has 6x9Gig Scuzzi Drives in it, and is great as a Backup Machine.

  Have you ever thought about bringing in another system to use as a Backup File Server?
A Large majority of companies use "Backup File Servers" in their Business Invironments for several reasons.
Economical - The cost is down, and they have access to their Data
Even if their machines go down that are using the original Data.

Lets say that you have a Web Server, Then if your Web Server goes done.
You can always install the Web Server Application onto the Backup Unit.
And change the IP Address of the Backup Server, to the same as the Web Server, and get your sites backup and running, until the Web Server is fixed.

  Depending on the size of the space available on the Backup Server.
You can have serveral Big Partitions on the Backup Server.
You have 2x Partitions set aside to backup the Main Server.
And the Other Partitions for Backing up your other systems.

   I develop Software, so on my Main Computer. I do 2 Backups.
1 - Backup is done onto the Backup Server of the entire "Source Code" Folder. Into its distination folder.
2 - I backup the same information onto my "Laptop" As well.
As I develop on it too.

   Their are several advantages to having a Backup File Server used in your Network. And I can go on and on about all the Pro's to having this Server in plant. But cannot for the life of me, think of any "Cons" of having it.

  Good Luck.
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