Installing Winzip through a script

I am trying to deploy Winzip 9.0 to about 80 clients and want a script that will prompt the users to install it and then have them reboot.  I am trying to get examples of scripts to do this.  Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.  
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regsampAuthor Commented:
How about if SMS or SMS installer is not installed?
You could use PerlGuiTest to create an automation script for installing the executable using SEND-KEYS.

However, when you say "prompts the users to install it" do you mean like you are going to email them the program and you want them to download and install it?

Or is it that "tomorrow" when the users come in for work and turn on their PC's a little notification window pops-up and asks the user to install winzip-9.0?

Or is it that you want to simplify the task of having to install 80 copies of a program yourself?

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regsampAuthor Commented:
If the all the files are installed to a network share then can't a silentinstall.cmd script created pointing to the exe?
Yes. That is why I asked the questions above. If you want the user to take part in the installation I would just email them instructions and a URL to download the auto-install script. If the user truely needs the program he/she will install it. But, usually users don't have WRITE privlidges to public hd's. So this requires the ADMIN to do all the installs personally.

If you have to do it yourself I would create an automation script and burn it to a few CDs. Then I would walk around the computer lab and put the CD's in to the CPUS, executing the script on each one. But I only make 12/hr so I like tedious solutions :)

since each licensed copy needs to probably have a personal touch (enter in a unique license #) you are going to have to directly interface with all 80 CPU's anyway.

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