line break for option in select box

I need to  populate a select box with the results of a query.  The values of the query are long so what i need to do is insert a line break so that the select box doesnt cause a horizontal wrap on the webpage.  this has been done before in CF by doing the following;

selecting a predefined point that would relate to how many characters could fit into the select box and not cause a horizontal wrap

if the particular value is longer than the predefined point (aka number of values) then continue;
starting at that point and going backwards, looking for " " in the string value

when the space (" ") is found, enter a line break.

what is the code to do this in php?
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$len = 8;  //Set your own length

//Cut the string into segments with $len length and put into an array
$temp = explode('\n',wordwrap($mystring, $len, "\n", 1));
//Get the first line and tack on "..."
$mystring = $temp[1] . "...";

check out wordwrap

and explode
tecumsehjoeAuthor Commented:
ok I'm slightly confused here, this is where I am;

<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<select name="MyNiceQuery">
$query="SELECT distinct my_name
            FROM my_table
            ORDER BY my_name";
      or die(mysql_error());
while ($rows=mysql_fetch_assoc($results)) {
      foreach($rows as $val1) {
            $temp = explode('\n',wordwrap($val1, 20, "\n", 1));
            $val2 = $temp."...";
            echo "<option>\n";
            echo $val2;
            echo "</option>\n";

I tried temp as an array and no luck, so i changed it, but recieved the same results, whats wrong here?
temp is an array of lines for example

if your string is "my really long string that I want to cut down a bit"
wordwrap will add \n so that the text wraps like so

my really long
string that I
want to cut
down a bit

now using explode we take each line and put it in an array so it would look like this
echo temp[1]; // my really long
echo temp[2]; //string that I
echo temp[3]; //want to cut
echo temp[4]; //down a bit

but you just want the first line so you need to just grab the first entry in the array:

in your code you put
>> $val2 = $temp."...";
which assigned an array $temp to $val2, but you want to assign the value of the first member of the array $temp to $val to (aka temp[1])
so your code should look like this:
$val2 = $temp[1]."...";

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tecumsehjoeAuthor Commented:
thats how i 'tried temp as an array and no luck'

I get "Array" showing up in the select box several times
You cannot use a linebreak in an HTML <select>.  However it is possible to set the width of your <select> using CSS.
Try adding:
in your <select> tag, e.g.:
    <select name="myname" id="myname_id" style="width:50ex;">

Your box will be the given width and the options may be longer.

"ex" means the height of the character "x" which is approx. the width of a character. You can use "px" (=pixels) or "%" too.
Boris AranovichSenior Software EngineerCommented:
maybe modifying the content of the <option>s with a javascript, and breaking it with \n ?
tecumsehjoeAuthor Commented:
maybe splitting it into two different options, and when selecting either of the two ='s the same value?
i think in 'steve918' solution it not worked because  explode('\n',...   dont work. first argument should be string.

try this.

  echo "<select>\n";
  $val1 = "loooooo ooooooo ooooooooo oooooooo ooooooooo ooooooooo oooooooong";
  $temp = explode('$$',wordwrap($val1, 20, "$$", 1));
  foreach($temp as $key=>$val) {
    echo "<option value=1>\n";
    echo $val;
    echo "</option>\n";
  echo "</select>";

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