Capturing System time and storing in mySQL while submitting a form in JSP


I developed a form in JSP. This form contains two fields, i.e. text box,text area . These are for entering news title and news description. When i submit the form the system time (submission time) has to be stored in the database. How can i achieve this in JSP?.

At the moment my mySQLl data model contains two columns, i.e. NewsTitle, NewsDescription. And what data type should i use for inserting time of submission in the database.

Please help me in this regard. A snippest of code would be helpful for capturing system time (time of news submission).

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As JSP is based on Java you can use java.util.Date class. But during inserting data to RDBMS (MySQL) you should convert it to java.sql.Date. And in DB your table should have additional column in type DATETIME. eg:

java.util.Date curdate = new java.util.Date();  
java.sql.Date dbdate  = new java.sql.Date(curdate.getTime());
PreparedStatement st = ....

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Hello, i use the following:

//setup current dates and times
java.util.Date thedatetoday = new java.util.Date();
SimpleDateFormat fulldate = new SimpleDateFormat( "EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss z yyyy" );
SimpleDateFormat datadate = new SimpleDateFormat ( "yyyy-MM-dd" );  
SimpleDateFormat datatime = new SimpleDateFormat ( "HH:mm:ss" );
String thesubdate = datadate.format(thedatetoday);
String thesubtime = datatime.format(thedatetoday);

Then you can add to mysql database using:

PreparedStatement pStmt = Conn.prepareStatement("insert into databasename values('',?,?)");

The mysql table needs fields creating as TIME and DATE respectively

Hope that helps,

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