How does coldfusionmx handle ssl connections

I would like to connect to my coldfusionmx server with a SSL connection over the internet.
I run coldfusionms on my Linux Red Hat ES Server.
How does coldfusionmx handle SSL connections from an Apache 2.0 type web server using mod.ssl
Coldfusionmx is working fine on my Apache http non secure server. Can't get it to work with SSL however.
Appreciate any advise or inforamtion in this area.
Keith Henriques
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ColdFusion files will run fine under SSL, it has nothing to do with ColdFusion itself, it all depends on whether you are able to install SSL for the site you run CF on.
keitharisAuthor Commented:
Hello Tacobell777
I am running SSL on the same site I am running Coldfusion on.
I can connect to
I cannot connect to  Directly. I am directed to the html root directory
where I have installed a page directing users to link to
I do want my entire server to be secure.

I cannot connect to files(etc) or CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm
I can connect if I use files(etc)or CFIDE/asministrator/index.cfm

Cab you help me with why SSL (https://) works fine  on my site with everything but coldfusion.
When I add:
Listen 8500 to my ssl.conf file in conf.d (mod.ssl)
Apache will not start with this warning:
Address already in use could not bind to address

my httpd.conf file in the apache conf directory listens only to:

I will be grateful for any help you can give.
I know this is a very difficult topic and will grant another 500 points as I have been trying to find
an answer for three days.
Thank you in advance.
Keith Henriques
you should really ask these questions int he apache area, they will know more about this.

I do know that "Address already in use could not bind to address"
means that another program is already using that address range, do you have IIS installed as well?

and you cannot access https when try and access and 8500 is not the port you installed the https on.

why are you using port 8500 anyway, is that the developer version of CF?
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keitharisAuthor Commented:
Hello Tacobell777:
I think the question. "Why am I using port 8500" may be the issue. I actually don't know. I set up
coldfusionmx in my Linux server and it installed on port 8500. I thought that was what was supposed to
happen. I have a licensed copy of coldfusionmx. I only have Apache2.xx installed with mod.ssl. this is my
Red Hat Installation that came with my OS.

It is really quite confusing because when I comment out:
In my httpd.conf file I no longer access my web site because the server no longer listens
on port 80. Only port 443 in my ssl.conf is now open. BUT I can still connect to my coldfusionmx server using (Note that I do not need to enter https:// for coldfusionmx
but I do on a connect to the site itself because Apache is no longer listening on port 80.
Somehow my coldfusionmx server is listening and accepting a http:// connection! It will not however; accept a
https:// connection.

Shoud coldfusionmx be configured differently. What is the "Developer Version"? Is there a production version
that might work for https:// connections. What I have running now connects to my databases in mysql very easily
and effectively. It may be that I need to migrate out of "Development" into another model for things to work
Thank you again in  advance.
Keith Henriques
keitharisAuthor Commented:
Hello Again:
I found that when I shut my Apache server down completely I can still connect to coldfusionmx. (etc).
I must have an issue with coldfusionmx accepting a SSl connection.
I have two servers on the same machine with the same IP and Name. Apache and coldfusionmx!
Thank you again.
Keith Henriques
you are using the development server that comes with CF, i.e. ColdFusions own web server.

You need to run the apache connector, that are located in the cfusionmx directory somewhere

this might help you
keitharisAuthor Commented:
I have been unable to run the connector program with the apxs utility.
Can you help with how to do this exactly
Thank you in advance,
Keith Henriques
what exactly is the problem? Is there an error?

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keitharisAuthor Commented:
I have not been able to build the connector from the source code with apxs. I think it may be easier to just
uninstall cold fusion an then reinstall it and not use the default coldfusion server and connect to Apache at the
new install. It sems that making changes in servers after installl is a long and complicated process. Or do I jsut have it
What do you think?
Keith Henriques
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