Prevent Append of Multiple/Duplicate records


I have a table called 'Year' in which I have a field called the 'WeekNo'.I append the records into this table every week & flood the weekno field with a number for that particular weekno(which are in sequence week after week).Actually,the append is to be done automatically with the help of a macro which would run the append Query everytime I open the Database.

ex.if I open the database this week,I would flood the 'WeekNo' field with week when I open the database & append the new records,I would flood the 'WeekNo' field with No=2 for those new on & so forth..

For instance,the append operation for the records is done every Monday.

My question is if I open the database more than once anyday in middle of a week,...I need a check that would tell me that the records for that particular week have already been appended..

How would a go about doing it..Do i write a query or a trigger function.?
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Use a left join:

insert into Year (Column1, Column2 etc)
Select w.Column1, w.Column2 etc)
from tblWeek w left join
Year y
on w.IDColumn = y.WeeksIDColumn
Where y.WeeksIDColumn is null

In the GUI, do the link by drag and drop then get the properties on the line linking the table, ensure you select all from the week table and matching from Year

In the criteria column put the Year DI column and specify Is Null.

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Oh play with it as a select statement and when you are happy change it to an append / insert query.
bluetornado_666Author Commented:
Hi Simon,

The 'Is Null' clause did work for a few queries on cetain tables, but the computer system almost hangs up (for many tables which have large no of records),while validating this criteria.

Also if my query has a lot many criterias in it,then also the 'Is NULL' clause does not work.

Is there any other way of doing it..anything effecient & faster as well...instead of using "Is NULL"

Nope if you have criteria is null is going to as fast as any other way I can think of in a dynamic way. try putting indices on these columns:

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