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Hello ,
I have set up a site in dreamwaver (as I have done for years) but now find when I try to view in a browser
not all the images appear on the page even if I click f5 different images
appear and others dissapear, I have uploaded them to my server,  has anyone
an idea as to what might be happening. it has never happened before, I am
just trying to think did I configure something on my pc or dreamweaver that
may have resulted in this.

I use xp pro mx 7.0.1

my local root is  H:\Starting_Points\

my remote is : C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Starting_Points\

and me testing server is :   C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Starting_Points\

the src to my images is : images/navigation/nav_contact.gif

if you can think why my images are not loading let me know.


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Look at the page source code to be sure it's set that way.

Also try renaming nav_contact.gif to nav-contact.gif,
the file name and in your code.

Good Luck

Ryan ChongCommented:
Make sure the image path is correct, and your site is mapped correctly..

Remove the browser cache and then try again if necessary.

thatelvisAuthor Commented:
I have tried all you have mentioned, I have never had a problem like this with dreamweaver for 5 years.

Src window in Properties for image :     images/navigation/nav_shoeshop.gif
I click f12 to see my page in IE. but not all images show. they are uploaded and are in the images dir.

when I right click an image that did not show and request a show image the image shows and the path is :

my site definition is

Local : H:\complete\
Remote : C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CompletedFiles\
testing : C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CompletedFiles\
URL Prefix: http://localhost/completedfiles/

why cant I just open the site and see all as intended.
i have tried both with the complete site and the starting point.
the images are uploaded and I have never had this problem before.

any help would be gratefully received

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Ryan ChongCommented:
>>why cant I just open the site and see all as intended.
What you mean by that? What's the difference between "Remote" and "Remote" ?

Is now your remote site cannot view the image or your local cannot view the image? Are they the same file??

thatelvisAuthor Commented:
------------>>why cant I just open the site and see all as intended.
--------------What you mean by that?

Well if you can read what I have asked I am asking why I cannot see all my images when I click f12, and when I do an f12 and see the page with only some of the images showing and click f5 different images appear and some dissapear on the page.

---------->>> What's the difference between "Remote" and "Remote" ?
what are you on about

and lastly it is when I try and view my local site that I have the issues in seing the images on my page.

as it happens have you ever even opened dreamweaver

Ryan ChongCommented:
>>What's the difference between "Remote" and "Remote" ?
sorry, typo, should ask as:

What's the difference between "Remote" and "testing", as both refer to same path ?

>>Well if you can read what I have asked I am asking why I cannot see all my images when I click f12, and when I do an f12 and see the page with only some of the images showing and click f5 different images appear and some dissapear on the page.

Some of my comment:
I always NOT use DW's F12 to preview a page, instead i will open a new browser window, and type my url directly there. As by using F12 may creates some unnecessary files to your web folder.

So, what if you open a new browser and type your url there, is that ALL images showing there ?

>>as it happens have you ever even opened dreamweaver<<
Watch it. The experts here are trying to help you and they can as easily leave you alone with your problem. If someone is asking fore clarifications, is probably because you are not being clear.

In your Q you say "I have uploaded them to my server". By this do you mean your local server? how is this upload? Is the problem in your remote server or your localhost?

Did you try previewing with a different browser? Nowadays there are thousands of menaces ready to wreck your IE, you could have caught one. It can also be a version bug. I've had trouble previewing images that were only IE's fault.

Try FireFox

What kind of server are you using? I've also had problems loading images from IIS, it was a hired shared host and they could never fix the problem, had to change providers; that was all server fault.

Finally, there could be something in your code messing with your images. If you have been using DW for 5 years I presume you are familiar with your code; so, do you think any of your code could be causing it?

Best regards,


PS: I strongly recommend you start using Firefox to aid your webdev. Not only it has better compliance with standards, it also has a "Web developer" extension that provides interesting tools to help you design.
my remote is : C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Starting_Points\
is not a remote. It's on your machine. You say you've uploaded them -- to where? Are they sitting on another web server somewhere? If so, what's the URL, so we can see if we have the same problem?
thatelvisAuthor Commented:

I found the problem,
I checked my Internet options > Internet settings > settings > Check for newer versions of stored pages :

I had it set to Automatically when I should have had it set at  "At Every visit to the page" .

I dont know how this happened as I never had this problem with it before.

this question is closed

Regards and thanks

Hey webwoman, nice to see you around :)

This TA has been missing you.
Closed, 250 points refunded.

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