I have an app that launches a batch file to do a ftp. I have a Check Point Firewall. We added a patch to the firewall and now one account does not work any more. When I launch the batch file I get the following:
220 Check Point FireWall-1 Secure FTP server running on (serverfirewall)
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection

I can ftp and drop files fine manually using the account, but this now fails when launched in the application. It used to work until a patch was added. It did not effect the other accounts and I see no difference in the other accounts.

The app has a line before it that causes it to shell out of our system to Unix and run a script.
The line is "sh -c 'ftp -n < "  and then it executes the script. The lcd
command does display and then I get

*  Script *
open {address}
user {user} {pwd}
put {filename}

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This is going to sound silly, but did you try editing the script file and adding adding <control-M> characters to each line?

CheckPoint firewalls will drop connections that don't have all lines ending in <newline><cariage-return>, and lines in Unix files usually end in <newline> without the <cariage-return> (control-M).

This could be the problem if the ftp client software is passing not ensuring that the lines given to it are properly formed.

And this wouldn't be a problem when running manually because the terminal driver automatically adds a <cariage-return> when you type a <newline> (the Enter key, or control-J).

Ask your firewall vendor on how to fix their firewall after patching.
I can confirm that FTP still keeps working outside your network.
murray_stevenAuthor Commented:
Got in touch with the vendor and a rule was created for the user to allow them to pass through. I am not sure about the details of why this had to be created.
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