Mandrake 10 no graphics - only CLI

I have installed Mandrake Ver 10, yet each time I boot up it has only CLI. During setup it comes up with "configured" for each item including my graphics card. I have a NVidea, and it works fine when I install Redhat.

Have tried changing the resolution in the start-up but to no avail....I would live to try the GUI....any ideas?


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Does it actually try to start a GUI? If it doesnt you need to edit /etc/inittab and change the default runlevel to 5. If it does try to start, what errors does it give you? If it doesnt give you any errors, try the startx command from the CLI and see what errors it gives you.
KartibokAuthor Commented:
Went to edit inittab and the inital is set to 5

Tried it again.....It failed to initialiose the NVdia card and therefore found no screens

Is that any help?
to determine what is your VGA chip then you need to reconfigure xserver or istall driver for your vga, you can try use vesa driver for now
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You will need to get the Nvidia drivers for your card for Linux off the manufacturer's site. By the way, what Linux kernel are you using?

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could you post your x config file and the output lsmod gives? (lsmod is just a command to run as root)
KartibokAuthor Commented:
Many thanks peeps, I managed to get it to work, but I learnt more from the accepted ansers. Please accept the split points.....


> Please accept the split points.

it's not like we can reject them ;)

one more thing, it would be nice to post how you solved it for future searchers
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