On a radiobuttonlist I'm always getting .SelectedIndex = -1 even though I have selected one of the radio buttons. Change that to dropdownlist and it works. .NET C#

This is a good one. I'm seeing different behavior with radiobuttonlist versus drowdownlist even though they supposedly inheret the same properties from listcontrol

I created a radiobuttonlist and bound data to it via my page_load code

-- see data binding in page_load here --
// query db for cyclename and due date
                        string sql = "select distinct CycleName,DueDate " +
                              "from v_store_assignments " +
                              "where Source=2 " +
                              "and ChainName=@p_chainname " +
                              "and DueDate>=@p_duedatebegin and DueDate<= @p_duedateend " +
                              "order by DueDate asc";
                        System.Configuration.AppSettingsReader configurationAppSettings = new System.Configuration.AppSettingsReader();
                        string dsn = ((string)(configurationAppSettings.GetValue("sqlConnection2_mr.ConnectionString", typeof(string))));
                        using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(dsn))
                        using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sql,conn))
                              cmd.Parameters.Add("@p_chainname", SqlDbType.VarChar,50).Value=_Retailer2.SelectedValue;
                              cmd.Parameters.Add("@p_duedatebegin", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value=dt_beginrange.Text;
                              cmd.Parameters.Add("@p_duedateend", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value=dt_endrange.Text;
                              _cyclelist.DataSource = cmd.ExecuteReader();
                              // I want to eventually display the visit date range along with the CycleName
                              //string displayfield =
                              _cyclelist.DataTextField = "CycleName";
                              _cyclelist.DataValueField = "DueDate";

-- end data binding here--

I then select from the list a single radio button and select another button called view report. That view report button calls code that retrieves the value of the button I selected and sets it as a crystal report parameter.

Now when I try to retrieve the value via the .selectedvalue:


I get null.

When I check for the .SelectedIndex I always get -1.

Then when I change the radiobuttonlist to a dropdownlist all works. Argghhh.

So, does anybody know why the radiobuttonlist would behave differently than the dropdownlist?
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kristenhazardAuthor Commented:
OK, after spending hours on this maddening issue. It's like the value that I select never actually gets posted.  For some reason on the radiobuttonlist selected value is not being recognized. Now when I hardcode my values in another radioubutton list versus getting from DB the it does work properly.
check for post back before you load the radio button values. otherwise the selected index is lost as the values are reloaded on each page load

    //Load the drop down list


//selected index changed event handler if you want to handle on every post back
protected void RDButton_Channged(Object sender,System.EventArgs e)


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hi, instead of:

you shold use:

of course currentValue should be object type, otherwise you should do something like this:

int currentValue=Convert.ToInt32(_cyclelist.SelectedItem.Value);
kristenhazardAuthor Commented:

it looks like a postback issue.

1st question: why is page_load called when I click a button?  It's actually called before my onclick code. I wouldn't expect that behavior.
2nd question: I populate the radio buttons on post back then once I select the radio button I don't want to re-populate them.  Any suggestions?  Basically I can't use the simple (!isPostBack) becuase I already use that to generate the radio buttons.
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