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On a radiobuttonlist I'm always getting .SelectedIndex = -1 even though I have selected one of the radio buttons. Change that to dropdownlist and it works. .NET C#

Posted on 2004-11-15
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
This is a good one. I'm seeing different behavior with radiobuttonlist versus drowdownlist even though they supposedly inheret the same properties from listcontrol

I created a radiobuttonlist and bound data to it via my page_load code

-- see data binding in page_load here --
// query db for cyclename and due date
                        string sql = "select distinct CycleName,DueDate " +
                              "from v_store_assignments " +
                              "where Source=2 " +
                              "and ChainName=@p_chainname " +
                              "and DueDate>=@p_duedatebegin and DueDate<= @p_duedateend " +
                              "order by DueDate asc";
                        System.Configuration.AppSettingsReader configurationAppSettings = new System.Configuration.AppSettingsReader();
                        string dsn = ((string)(configurationAppSettings.GetValue("sqlConnection2_mr.ConnectionString", typeof(string))));
                        using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(dsn))
                        using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sql,conn))
                              cmd.Parameters.Add("@p_chainname", SqlDbType.VarChar,50).Value=_Retailer2.SelectedValue;
                              cmd.Parameters.Add("@p_duedatebegin", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value=dt_beginrange.Text;
                              cmd.Parameters.Add("@p_duedateend", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value=dt_endrange.Text;
                              _cyclelist.DataSource = cmd.ExecuteReader();
                              // I want to eventually display the visit date range along with the CycleName
                              //string displayfield =
                              _cyclelist.DataTextField = "CycleName";
                              _cyclelist.DataValueField = "DueDate";

-- end data binding here--

I then select from the list a single radio button and select another button called view report. That view report button calls code that retrieves the value of the button I selected and sets it as a crystal report parameter.

Now when I try to retrieve the value via the .selectedvalue:


I get null.

When I check for the .SelectedIndex I always get -1.

Then when I change the radiobuttonlist to a dropdownlist all works. Argghhh.

So, does anybody know why the radiobuttonlist would behave differently than the dropdownlist?
Question by:kristenhazard
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Author Comment

ID: 12589548
OK, after spending hours on this maddening issue. It's like the value that I select never actually gets posted.  For some reason on the radiobuttonlist selected value is not being recognized. Now when I hardcode my values in another radioubutton list versus getting from DB the it does work properly.

Accepted Solution

sajay earned 2000 total points
ID: 12591064
check for post back before you load the radio button values. otherwise the selected index is lost as the values are reloaded on each page load

    //Load the drop down list


//selected index changed event handler if you want to handle on every post back
protected void RDButton_Channged(Object sender,System.EventArgs e)

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Expert Comment

ID: 12592418
hi, instead of:

you shold use:

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Expert Comment

ID: 12592548
of course currentValue should be object type, otherwise you should do something like this:

int currentValue=Convert.ToInt32(_cyclelist.SelectedItem.Value);

Author Comment

ID: 12595041

it looks like a postback issue.

1st question: why is page_load called when I click a button?  It's actually called before my onclick code. I wouldn't expect that behavior.
2nd question: I populate the radio buttons on post back then once I select the radio button I don't want to re-populate them.  Any suggestions?  Basically I can't use the simple (!isPostBack) becuase I already use that to generate the radio buttons.

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