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Setup is as follows:
2 Active directory trusted domains. BRANCH and HO.
In the Branch AD Domain, utilzing windows explorer one can see all the servers and shares particular to that domain
In the HO AD Domain, utilizing windows explorer one can see all the servers and shares particular to that domain
In the branch domain you can gain access to the shares on the HO domain controller(s)
In the HO domain you can gain access to the share on the BRANCH domain controlelr(S)
You can map a drive via FQDN from the HO to the BRANCH domain and from BRANCH TO HQ.
i.e. net use j: \\host.domain.com\c$
You can ping via name and FQDN to and from all servers in both AD Domains.
When you log into the HO domain and try to access a share in the BRANCH domain via Windows Explorer you receive the error NETWORK PATH NOT FOUND.
NetBios over TCP is enabled on all machines that are trying to access each other.
The domain is mixed mode
1 NT 4 Domain controller and several 2000 Domain controllers.
WINS is in place on the NT 4 Domain controller and each machine points to that machine for WINS lookup.
Trust relationship set in Active Directory domains and trusts
Would anybody be able to point a direction to look for why the netbios name displays the error NETWORK PATH NOT FOUND.

Would anybody have any idea as to why the machines can't be browsed for resources from one domain to the other?
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Do you try to access shares on windows 98 machines? Can you map a network share using it's ip address not name with

net use * \\ip-address\share-name
campryenwater1Author Commented:
We can map a network share using it's ip address and we can map using the fqdn for the active directory machine name. I.E. machinename.host.domain.com

We do not map to Win98, but would be interested to know if this serves as some sort of good troubleshooting concept. We are mapping to Win2k and win2k3. Would win98 generate a better clue?

Thanks for your thoughts.

That means it's a wins problem. Explorer use wins to connect to the machine's shares. Try

nbtstat -a machinename

where machinename is the one you want to connect to. And see if there are no errors in the error logs.
campryenwater1Author Commented:
Good news! You win all the points!..Thank you..
Bad news.....I was trying to get rid of wins and thought I had with my AD Domain..now I have to go back and refresh my memory on how to keep the browse list alive and eliminate wins....maybe it is only in native mode only that the browse list gets served up through AD and not mixed???

Thanks for the nbtstat reminder. Great work and a pleasure to read.
You must keep wins until you get rid of the nt4 server. After that, you'll have to configure all the machine to work without wins and netbios. You'll have a lor of other problems. :-)

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