Firefox/Netscape CFlocation Problem - Redirection Limit for this url exceeded

ran into a problem today...switched to firefox 1 to do my development and seem to be running into issues with cflocation...or fusebox or...???

Error Message

"Redirection Limit for this url exceeded. Unable to load page. This may be due to cookies that are blocked."

cookies are NOT blocked

code to add products to a saved cart works
<CFLOCATION url="index.cfm/fuseaction/shop.goshop/prodCatID/#form.Prodcatid#/menu/GoShop.html" addtoken="No">

code to delete does not
<CFLOCATION url="index.cfm/fuseaction/shop.goshop/prodCatID/#url.Prodcatid#/menu/GoShop.html" addtoken="NO">

same works one doesn't

I'm fine in IE and Opera...errors in Firefox and Netscape 7.1

any ideas???

(btw..tried addtoken="yes" same result
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Really sounds like a cookie problem.  (I know you said cookies aren't blocked and it works in IE, but bear with my comments)

THis can occur even if cookies are not blocked, but when the cookie that is being looked for is invaid.

Often this will appear in IE as a simple timeout whereas Firefox will give the redirection limit exceeded error.

For example, does the index.cfm/fuseaction/shop.goshop/prodCatID/#url.Prodcatid#/menu/GoShop.htm page look for a cookie or session variable and if one is missing then does a redirect?

The above error is often a redirect loop occurring.

I know this is not a definite answer, but maybe some relevant comments (hopefully....)
The error message means that the number of redirects exceeded limit set in browser (usually, 3-10 redirects).  This limit prevents endless redirection loops that may be intentionally set by "bad guys" or as a result of programming error.  It looks like, the call to:


causes another refirect.  More likely more than one.  Do you have <cflocation> on that page?  If so, you need to check conditions, under which it is executed.

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Well I guess above mentioned comments may be correct.
if error is what insdivision6 is saying : It is certainly loop. IE and Opera does not point out that they are errors but Mozilla says.
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Is it just the above cflocations that you are having issues with or do none of the cflocation tags work in that browser?
SidFishesAuthor Commented:
as i mentioned in the q...the first cfloc works fine...the second doesn't ...consistently...and they are exactly the same url

I'm not setting any cookies at only cookies that cf sets are in use..

there isn't a cfloc on the return's just a post page...

bugzilla has a post about this issue...which was supposed to be resolved...but maybe not?

I'm going to try the javascript cfloc replacement and see what happens...i'll post back...

additional input appreciated.

How about this cflocation replacement which I found worked once when regular cflocation did not :

 <cfset getpagecontext().getResponse().sendRedirect('yourpage.cfm')>
SidFishesAuthor Commented:
that one gives me

Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.

JRun closed connection.
I have only used the above once and it worked when cflocation would not, but hte symptoms were different.

well it was worth a try :o)
SidFishesAuthor Commented:
thanks for everyones help...have figured the problem...

it was in fact a loop...the application.cfm code was looking for and redirects if you are trying to shop from or

since i was dev-ing on a local machine...there's no secure loop-dee-loop...

works fine on the live site (not operational yet...)

somedays a person should just....stop...drink...sleep and start in the morning...

Yep exactly what I initially mentioned - a redirect causing a redirect loop....
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