Scripts to install Winzip and other programs

I am trying to install a program to about eighty clients.  This is without having SMS.  What would be the best way of installing WinZip for example through a script with about eighty clients on the network?  Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreicated.
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Wininstall is perfect for what you're looking for.  They've been kind of a leader for quite some time now.

Here's some info:

How do I repackage an application with WinINSTALL?
WinINSTALL uses a delta-based Discovery™ process to create installation packages WinINSTALL uses a feature called Discover. The Discover feature captures every software change made to a computer. Discover detects the addition or removal of files, services, device drivers, icons, shortcuts, changes made to INI or ASCII text based files, or registry entries. Advanced options can exclude any of these types of changes from being discovered.
For best results, a base image of the target OS is used, that is a “clean” OS with nothing on it except any supported service packs. A package is created by running a before ‘snap-shot’, then the application is installed and configured, and finally the after ‘snap-shot’ is run. The changes are written to a WinINSTALL package installation file and used as a reference when reproducing the installation on clients across the network.
Packages may be used for installation, re-installation and un-installation and converted to Microsoft Installer (.MSI) files for distribution and editing.

How do I distribute an application to my clients?
With the ability to see all of the machines that you are working with software distribution becomes more easy to use than ever before. Targeting machines for delivery can take place directly from the WinINSTALL console in a variety of methods. Distribution has never been this easy yet flexible in function. WinINSTALL supports more distribution methods and flexibility than any other product available today. WinINSTALL 8.5 supports the following distribution methods:

Drag and Drop – Now you can drag any package directly to a machine or group of machines and have installation OnDemand
Inventory Based Distribution – allows you to run a query with any condition to distribute application packages to a subset of machines that need a particular patch, application or change
Scheduled – distribution allows any machine or group of machines to have application packages installed at specific dates and times such as non-peak hours for specific groups of users
Interactive distribution – allows users to pick applications from a menu of available packages to distribute when they need them
WinINSTALL Program Launcher – otherwise known as WiPL allows packages to be installed on first use
Internet installer – allows distribution via the internet
Auto Distribution – allows package distribution at user log on
Email distribution – allows packages to be attached to email messages for distribution
CD Creation Wizard – allows distribution from a CD for those workstations that are remote and have larger builds that need to be installed or have limited network connections
Windows Installer – is completely supported directly within WinINSTALL

Zenworks is their biggest competition and also a good product.
regsampAuthor Commented:
If the all the files are installed to a network share then can't a silentinstall.cmd script created pointing to the exe?
There is no way though to ensure using a simple script that the software actually gets installed.  Also, you may have to walk different users through the install if they aren't as savvy as others.  If your users are all technical, you might be able to get away with something like this but Wininstall was one of the best purchases I ever made.
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regsampAuthor Commented:
I know it will not be sure but if there was a .cmd file with this syntax ECHO.
ECHO Installing WinZip 9.0 SR-1 Upgrade
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait M:\NetAdmin\Software\Winzip\WinZip_9.0_SR-1\WINZIP32.EXE /noqp /notip /autoinstall
in a .cmd file with the rest of the files that came with the WinZip cd in one folder, how will this be installed by the users?
Not sure I understand your last question... how would the script be installed by the users?
regsampAuthor Commented:
Yes, how would the script be installed by the users?
Well, this is a different question than the one that you posted which was what is the best way to install winzip and other programs since although Winzip has a way to autoinstall from the command line, many other programs don't and this is where you will find this method will fall short.

A command script like that one that you put should just flash up and the winzip autoinstall will then install without intervention required.  Then it will exit.

If you only need to install Winzip this should probably be fine unless some does ctrl-break during the install.  Keep in mind that you only want this script to run once, not at every reboot.
regsampAuthor Commented:
How does it just flash up?  Does the file silentinstall.cmd have to be renamed a .bat file?
It could depend on the network os you are using and the client os.  Novell, Windows NT, Banyan, etc.  Your best bet is to post another question regarding how to install winzip with your particular network and client os using a command line script.

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