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Writing BLOBS to ODBC

Posted on 2004-11-15
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Can someone show me how to store BLOBs in an ODBC database, using VC++ & .NET?
The databases I want to connect to are:
   either Access or SqlServer  (do either of these support BLOBs?)


Question by:jpalumbos
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Expert Comment

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Both SQL Server and Access can support BLOBs.  How are you trying to access the database - ADO .NET, ADO, OLE DB, ATL database helper classes, other...?  Mainly, are you using managed or unmanaged C++ and what API are you using/want to use for data access?

Author Comment

ID: 12615308
I'm just using ODBC, with SQL statements to access the database.
I don't know the answers to the other questions you're asking.  (managed c++?  api for data access?)
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Accepted Solution

drichards earned 900 total points
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Since you don't know what managed C++ is, I'll assume you are using standard C++.  In that case, you can use ADO to access the database.  SQL Server, and probably Oracle, have other ways of accessing BLOB data as well, but this will work for Access too.  For it to work, you will need to have:

#include <atldbcli.h>
#include <iostream>

#undef EOF
#import "C:\Winnt\System32\dllcache\msado15.dll"

Also, you will need to initialize COM (like CoInitialize(0);) prior to using ADO calls.  ADO is well documented in MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/ado270/htm/mdmscadoapireference.asp

If this is not what you were looking for, let me know.  The code used a database that was set up with an ODBC DSN  called "BLOB Test" and had a table called "tblPics" with an autonumber column and then a "Filename" and "Picture" column.  The "Picture" column was a binary data column that stored the contents of an image file (like a jpg).

     ADODB::_ConnectionPtr     con = NULL;
     ADODB::_RecordsetPtr     rec = NULL;
     HRESULT               hr = S_OK;
     VARIANT               *vRecordsAffected = NULL;

     // Create and open the connection
     hr = con.CreateInstance (__uuidof(ADODB::Connection));
     con->Open ("DSN=BLOB Test;", "", "", 0);

     // Execute a query and move to the first record of the result
     rec = con->Execute("SELECT * FROM tblPics;", vRecordsAffected, 1);

     // Get the picture data (a jpg file)
     _variant_t idx = "Picture";
     ADODB::FieldPtr pf = rec->Fields->Item["Picture"];
     long sz = pf->ActualSize;
     _variant_t val = pf->GetChunk(sz);
     // The result should be a SAFEARRAY of bytes
     if ( val.vt == (VT_UI1 | VT_ARRAY) )
         std::cout << "Got BLOB of size " << val.parray->rgsabound->cElements << std::endl;

     // Close the recordset

     // Create a new recordset on the connection

     // Populate the recordset
     _variant_t cmd = "SELECT * FROM tblPics;";
     _variant_t varcon;
     varcon.pdispVal = con;
     varcon.vt = VT_DISPATCH;
     rec->Open(&cmd, &varcon, ADODB::adOpenDynamic, ADODB::adLockOptimistic, 0);

     // Add a new record and copy the picture we just read into a new record
     rec->Fields->Item["Filename"]->Value = "bogus.jpg";
     rec->Fields->Item["Picture"]->Value = val;

     // Clean up

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