Force other programs to perform actions

I have 2 programs
1: my own program programmed in
2: remote capture software for a camera

In the #2 program, when i press F2 it makes a shot.

i need to be able to do the following actions:
1. when i press a button in my program - say "Take" - my program should somehow pass this action as and F2 command to the program #2.
2. when the #2 program gets activated (if it does), i want my program to activate itself in a second.

I guess there is a way to do it, but i know nothing about switching between programs.
Can someone please put detailed explanation for me here?

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Not sure how to do that, but I would try adding a reference to your app and looking at the list of COM components that are available.  Many commercial programs expose a programmatic interface to them that would allow you to take "remote control"...
There is a sort of chessey way of doing it using send keys.

Lets say you hit a button in your applicatoin. It would then exec the following example

'activate other app
AppActivate("Name of other app") 'the name you can find in the task manger
'now send keys
'now return to you rapp
AppActivate("Name of YOUR app")

'Thats a way to do it, with out a DLL/COM ext from the other app.

All so, here are 2 links at MSDN on the 2 functions used in the above example.

Thanks and GL

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UnFiReAuthor Commented:
Jojo, that worked,
Thanks a lot!
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