Win2k/XP Allowing Standard and Power users to add local printers

I need to be able to allow Standard or Power users to add local printers to their workstations.  Currently unless you are an administrator you can only install networked printers.  Does anyone know how to do this using group policy?  I tried changing the Allow users to install printer drivers security policy with no luck.

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If you want your users to be able to install software, change the time on their systems, install printers, etc. etc.
Then I suggest that you add the username to the local Administrators group. If you are in a Domain/AD envioroment add the domain username to the users loacl Administrators group. eg. Add "Domainname\Username" to the Users loacl Administrators group using Computer Management on each local workstation, go to groups, open Administrators and add.. Top of window choose the domain name, not the local system directory, and add the users damain username to the Administrators group.
NO, NO, NO. By all means do not grant all your users local admin rights....this should always be avoided at all costs unless absoultely necessary.

For what you need, your users do not have to be local admins.

Please see this microsoft documentation:

By granting the user right "load and unload device drivers" to the power users group then they should be able to add a local printer.

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nwalterAuthor Commented:
That did it!  Thanks.
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