Office 97 compatibility with XP SP2

Is Word 97 / Excel 97 compatible with Win XP SP2? I just installed SP2 and can no longer do mail merges.
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if it is compatible or not but as far as I have viewed a couple of MS KB they donot mention anything about incompatibility.

Can you check if you have got the latest updates for your office 97 going to ?

Did this mail merge start exactly after installing Sp2 ?

Can you reinstall office 97 now and see if that would help ?

Apart from mail merge are you facing any issues

ccuretonAuthor Commented:
I do have the latest updates. I installed SP2 over the weekend and today was the first time I tried using the mail merge feature. I did reinstall Office 97 this afternoon but that didn't help.

The status bar in Word 97 says "Waiting for Excel to accept DDE Commands" and that's where the process hangs when attempting to load a document that part of a mail merge or attempting to open a data source .... word then has to be closed with "end task"

Try this
close all applications
search for file in the system and rename it.
restart the system
check if there is any difference in working with mail merge.

not sure if the above would help but just a try .

ccuretonAuthor Commented:
Worth a try, but it does not make a difference.
ccuretonAuthor Commented:
I'm not technically savy enough to explain why, but Office 97 appears to not be compaible with Windows XP SP2, at least as far as the mail merge function is concerned. Uninstalling and reinstalling Office 97 did not improve the situation. I downloaded and installed a trial version of Office 2003 without making any other changes to my system and the mail merge function, as well as rest of the functions that I've had time to test, work as they should.
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