Remote Desktop XP :test RDP from a remote session

I need to test RDP access from a remote site. At my client's sites I setup RDP but then RDP to my server at my office to test this access. I know I need to use one client's PC to RDP to my office then open RDP from my office to another PC at my client's site. Does this really demonstrate that RDP is working (sourced from my office server) or is the second RDP session (my office one) really just sourced from the PC at my client's site- hence I'm really not testing RDP from my office. In essence I need a way to verify at my client's site RDP is configured and working from a remote site w/o leaving the client's site- suggestions?
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Well there are a couple of things you could do...

1) You could set up different settings for each connection for example open remote desktop and select options; from your office set your display to full color and enable backgrounds. Then from the client disable backgrounds and set the color up to 256.

2) Using this same idea you could set up the remote computer to start a program when the remote connects to the second remote.

Another solution is to connect using another remote control tool (this is good if you want to have a backup)  I think VNC software is free.

Hope this helps
It sounds like you're testing it correctly, that's the same way I do it.

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This question hurt my head reading it.  If you can RDP to any connection then it works.  By being able to RDP to another site from another site (2 different RDP connections) it is sometimes hard to tell the difference.  Therefore jgiordano has the right idea changing the display colors so you can tell which connection your on.  The fact that you can connected to both computers tells you hands down that your RDP works.
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