Passwording my HP w/Windows 98 os computer

Trying to password my computer so without knowing the passwood the computer will not fully boot up.  Tried to do the Bios way and password it that way, but cannot find the security section (if it even has one), the Bios screen at the top says Pheonix Bios Setup, the core version is 4.06, and Bios revision is 1.09.  The four sections I have in the Bios are Main, Advanced, Power, and Boot.  The Boot section just involves the order of the drives it checks. The Power section is just power related stuff, nothing about security. The Advanced is just about CPU type and speed. And the Main section is about RAM date time language, nothing about security or passwording, is it possible that it cant be done on this comp? Its a HP Pavilion 6644D.  NExt I heard I could Password windows doing something with the registry, not sure what it means and the directions on how to do it on this website I was checking out wasnt that great. All I want to do is just put a password on the computer. Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance

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You could try a hardware solution..

hard disk sheriff gives you that ability.. and others

it allows you to protect your HDD so that your end users cannot change anything.. as well as password protect your computer before the bootup..

it works well in windows 98 as well..


Correct, that particular BIOS does not have a boot password.  There is an update for your Pavilion 6644D BIOS, and that update would include a BIOS boot password.  However, the newer BIOS versions will not support Win98.  So if you want to stay at Win98, you won't be able to use the BIOS.

As Merlin said, I would look at other tools to help you.  HDD Sheriff is good, but will cost a little bit of money, and requires some hardware.  There are some other tools that are software based. 

WinGuard is free and lets you do a lot of file locking.  But it's not a boot password, it just locks other features of Windows.  Access Denied 3.4 will do exactly what you want, but it costs $20.


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shanepresley; Great software this 'Access Denied'.

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