Anchor within anchors

I was wondering if this is possible,

<a href='page1.html'> Page 1
   <table><tr><td><a href='page2.html'> Page 2 </a></td></tr></table>

I need this to work since I have this menu system built using CSS. However, when I hover over the second page the status bar still says page1.html. If I click the second link then it gives me page2.html in IE, but page1.html in Netscape?

I have to keep this structure. Any suggestions on how to make this work (preferably without using any javascript). If I get a good quick answer, I'll increase the points for the person.


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Hi aratani,

You need to close the anchor tags properly:

<a href="page1.html"> Page 1</a>
   <table><tr><td><a href="page2.html"> Page 2 </a></td></tr></table>
No that is not possible.
you cannot have a block elemtnt like a table, inside an inline element like an anchor.

Basically - No you cant.
I am guessing you want a hover effect when you hover over the table?
Using CSS, this can be done:

Sorry I just realise how much that didn't make sense.

No You cannot have your code structured like that.
A table is a BLOCK level element.
Which cannot reside inside an INLINE element.
An Anchor is an INLINE element.

Your code is invalid HTML, and will produce unsavoury results in most browsers.
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arataniAuthor Commented:
Well, the menu system right now works perfectly. Actually, the table within the anchor do show up as a table in all the browsers I've tested. :). But, I can't get the link in Page2 to connect. It still thinks we are in the anchor for Page1. I was just wondering if there was a way to get the link in Page2 to work.

>It still thinks we are in the anchor for Page1.

It is because you closed the a tag after the table. As Neester said, it is invalid code.
arataniAuthor Commented:
Okay, I get that. But, now I have a newer problem and I don't know if I can ask that up here. But, to make my menu's work, I have used the hover element. However, the hover doesn't work for IE (for anything except the anchor tag). Is there someone who can give me a way to make the hover work for IE.

For example,

<span class='menu'><a href='page1.html'> Page 1 </a>
   <table><tr><td><a href='page2.html'> Page 2 </a></td></tr></table>

The style sheet is, {


This works for Mozilla and Netscape, but not for IE.

Can someone tell me how to make it work for IE? I will reward them with points.


Hi aratani,

You can't put a block level element like a table inside a span tag. I don't see the necessity of the table, but you could put the links in td's if you like:

<style type="text/css"> {background-color:#ff0000; }  /*for example*/
<a class="menu" href="page1.html"> Page 1 </a></td>
<td><a class="menu" href="page2.html"> Page 2 </a></td>
YES you can make it work with a LITTLE javascript code.
Look at this website:

You wont need to HACK it up with invalid code etc...

Look at these example pages:

Very easy to adapt to any website!

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