Deleting files on Netware 5.0 data partition...

Strange problem today!!  I was running low on a 70GB (RAID 5) Netware 5 partition (6.5GB free).  I found and received permission to delete 3GB of archived files.  After the files were deleted, I had the same amount of free space, 6.5GB, remaining when I should have had over 9GB!!  The files were deleted and a search revealed that only one small file had been added during the deletion.  Even after a purge, I did not get the free space.  HELP?  I need the drive space to do a good Arcserve backup!!!  Thanks.
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Did you purge

Until you purge the file will not be delete unlees there is no more room on disk.

To purge  -> in my compter right click on the dive go to properties then purge.
Hmm, strange that a purge wouldn't free up that space...

Right-click the volume on a workstation with the Novell NetWare client installed and get properties on the volume to see if the purgeable space is still there. Try purging the entire volume if you haven't already.

If the files were in directories, and the directories were deleted, too, you need to do as Mojo suggests and run the purge on the entire volume.  Files that were in deleted directories go to the deleted.sav directory, regardless of where in a directory path they used to reside, so for example, say you had this structure:


And had a subdirectory for each year from 1995 through 2004, and you deleted the directories for 1995 and 1996 along with all their files, doing a purge of  VOL1:\Archives won't catch 'em. - they're in the deleted.sav directory, which is off the root of the volume.
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shard26Author Commented:
FYI,  I did a full purge and even went into the deleted.sav directory to verify that it was empty.  I also bounced the server last evening to see if that helped, but I only regained approximately half a gig.  Is it possible that there were files waiting to be decompressed?  I have never seen this problem before.
Go into to SERVMAN - VOLUME INFORMATION and look for freeable limbo blocks.

If this number is high ,then you might have to run a vrepair on that volume with the purge option switch set.

I have had to do this in the past if the "purge all" from a workstation doesn't work.
shard26Author Commented:
Where in Netware 5 (Monitor)?
Yes, it is possible that the files were compressed, meaning that you did not get back all the space that the files supposedly occupied, because they actually occupied less than was shown.
I was thinking NW 4 ,for NW5 go into monitor ,volume statistics,and look at the volume info there and post the statistics.
shard26Author Commented:
Interesting.  "Freeable blocks in salvage" is 43,053.  If the block size is 64K, that would be a chunk of data that is freeable.  The VREPAIR  with the PURGE option may help?!
Is this NetWare 5.0 or NetWare 5.1?  Any service packs?  If it's 5.1, is this an NSS volume?
Yes,I have done this many times and it works quite well.

If he has freeable limbo blocks ,it has to be traditional.No limbo blocks with NSS.

But bear in mind that there is always the posiblity of vrepair screwing up(very slight,but possible) . So having a known good backup (at least 2)is always a good idea.
Is this NSS or a traditional volume?

There are freeable blocks in salvage system on NSS volumes also.

There was actually an NSS problem where deleted file space was not being returned to the pool even by an NSS /poolrebuild if the deletes were performed at the directory without deleting the files below the directory.  This was fixed in NW6 in SP3 I believe.  Not sure if the same problem exists/existed in NW5, but if you have performed a purge of the entire volume and you are still seeing the same information in the freeable blocks it may be the same problem.

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