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Hi Experts,

I have a MySQL table which I have written a Java Application to add, navigate and (am currently working on) delete records. However, I would also like to add print function but am unsure how to do this.

Image I have a table wtih 4 fields:

User_First _Name

I understand how to create an SQL query to find the relevant records requested. My problem is 2 fold but associated:

1. How do I ensure that the output when it is printed does not scroll off the end of my screen, for example, if My screen could display say 50 lines and the number of records returned was 75, how could I stop the page from scrolling off after line 51?
2. How do I create a report in Java, perhaps with a print preview option, with the same critieria as #1, i.e make sure the report stays on the page and has headers and footers etc.?

I'm guessing these should be possible but I cannot find anything on this on the net so would be grateful for any advice, links or whatever.

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I suggest you use JFreeReport:

It is quite easy to create a report that way with headers and footers. You can also easily have a print preview. I already used this in a project of mine.

Another option is to convert your output to XML, then do an XSLT-FO transformation and use FOP to create a PDF. You can then use Acrobat Reader as print preview. But I would not recommend this option since you're not starting from XML anyway.

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why don't you control what will be displayed by limiting number of rows that mysql will return, i.e.:

 . . .

Jasper is also a good alternative.
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