Mother chip replacement

Can I buy a new Dell Dimension 3000, and then take it's mother board main chip (processor), and put it on my old Dell Dimension 8200.  And put the Dimension 8200 chip onto the Dimension 3000?

Is it as simple as taking the chip out and putting the chip in?  Then when I turn on my computer, viola, everything works just as normal?

Is it that simple?
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kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:
p.s.  both chips are pentium IV's I believe.
One it 2 Gigherts ,
and the other is a little faster...
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Possibly, but it depends on the exact model of the processor and the capabilities of the motherboard to support that processor model.

Along with your memory question, why would you want to do these things?

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kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:

The reason I am thinking about doing this is my master computer (the old one), is configured exactly how I want it.  I have 2 internal hard drives, a promise card (which makes hard drive access more efficeint), etc.

The new computer is better, but I don't think it lets me have 2 internal hard drives.

If I swap out memory and mother board chip, then I got myself an updated computer...(my old computer).  Then the new computer I can give to my daughter to play games on...

If you see any holes in my logic, do point it out....
I don't know if there is going to be much of a difference going from 2 gigahertz to 3 gigaherts processor...  I think most of the slow down is in i/o anyway (hard disks / etc.)

I use my old computer for video capture (editing and making movies)....  

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You'll likely see a performance increase.  But as I pointed to in your first question, you won't be able to swap the memory.  The CPU is possible, but I can all but promise you, you won't be using it to it's full potential.  The 3000 series has a hyperthreaded CPU - which can increase performance - your system will see it as 2 cpus - but the old board, even if it supports the chip, will not support the hyperthreading and you won't see that benefit.  
kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:

You already answered this question, so to be fair, I am going to open  a new question, and the question follows below as well...

This whole thing would not be an issue if the new 3000 Dimension supports a second internal drive...
Now the think I find confusing is the technical specifications, whichs say:

Internally accessible:
 one bay for 1-inch-high IDE hard drives


System board connectors:
Primary IDE drive
 40-pin connector on PCI local bus
Secondary IDE drive
 40-pin connector on PCI local bus

Maybe the secondary is the cd rom, and I have to use master/slave, should I want more than one cd rom or hard drive...

I never heard of a computer not having space for at least 2 internal hard drives.  And customer support gives me inconsistant answers...

Any Ideas?

kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:
I will grade shortly...
I am leaving open because I want make sure reference to new question is read...
kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:

Gee, I wonder, even if it doesn't have spot for a second drive, could I squeeze it in the box some how?
Even if it doesn't have a place on the motherboard for it to plug in, I can use a promise card, and squeeze it in the box (won't be very nice and organized, but I am not going to open the box anyway...)

Should work, should it not?

(Promise card is used to plug in to the pci slot and give extra connections for ide drives, i think...)
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