Memory managment help!??!

I have a network boot disk that fails to load a certain driver (e1000b.dos) due to insufficient memory.  Can somebody help me trim down my memory usage?

device=\bin\himem.sys /A20CONTROL:ON /SHADOWRAM:OFF /testmem:off /v
device=\bin\emm386.exe /v h=255 noems
shell=\ /e:1024 /p
; device=cdrom\gs124.sys /d:cdrom1
; device=dc21x4.dos

The autoexec.bat is a little to large to post here, but I can put up a link to the file or any others that anyone would like to see.
Dell GX270, Intel Pro 100/1000MT
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I don't know how e1000b.dos driver is loaded. There is no such entry in config.sys file.
More information is needed.
I would go and find barts bootdisk and use that to create your network bootdisk.

When you get the hang of it you can create one bootdisk and put all your network drivers on so you only need the onew disk rather than creating one disk for each network card barts creates a ramdisk to unpack all the drivers you need and then loads the network so you are not limited to the 1.44 floppy limit. Trust me once you've learned how to create a bart disk then you will never need to create multiple boot disks just add the driver and recreate with all the other network drivers one disk does all.

unable to tell you whats wrong you have highmem in your conffig.bat iwould of set it up like this

device=a:\emm386.exe noems

then in autoexec.bat



in front off all the tasks example

LH a:\net\

this will load into the high memory the drivers as they load

LH = Load high

but without seeing your autoexec.bat unable to see if it is a problem

ednetmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input!  I have an image file of my boot disk available for download, as well as a utility that lets you "MOUNT" the disk image.\downloads\\downloads\Boot Disk.ima

The image can be viewed/extracted/written to floppy using WinImage:

This disk is based on the Bart Network Bootdisk (

I appreciate any help you can give!

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ednetmanAuthor Commented:
OK, the boot disk link didn't paste quite right....  Try this one instead:\downloads\bootdisk.ima

Thanks again!
also try to increase the files to something like 40 or more depending on the RAM you have. Sometimes 20 is not sufficient to load the all the files you want since some of them are used internally by the OS as well.

Also the driver that you are loading seems to be an .exe file. ideally this should be used in high memory using the LH command as advised by Scott.

ednetmanAuthor Commented:
I boosted the files to 60 (plenty of RAM) and I changed my SHELL to:


Now I can get the driver to load, prompt for IP info, but then I get an error that says:

ERROR: Protman$ cannot be executed in upper memory.

I am not even sure where I am loading that into upper memory!

Any ideas?
ednetmanAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help, I will work on this more and post again if I get stuck.
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