MS 2003 Small Business Server: Network speed problem

Here's the setup:

MS 2003 Small Business Server plugged into switch port
34 Client Computers plugged into switch ports
3 switches (8 / 8/ 24) (all 10/100 MB) with 2 crossover cables connecting them together
1 DSL modem hooked up to 1 DSL gateway/router plugged into switch port

copying files from client to server and back just seems slow to me. Even if clients were running 10/MB that's 10/MB per second right? So it should copy a lot faster. Also i'm testing with only client connected and still slow. What's the problem, i want this to be fast!

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What kind of files are you transferring?
You should be able copy 70 to 80 Mega Bit per sec. range.

to test one large file time it . On a 100 mb lan  you be able to copy 9 mega bytes in sec..
Get rid of the crossover cables.  Connect the two 8 port switches, the DSL gateway and the server directly into the 24.

If this doesn't improve speed noticeably, remove each 8 port switch and retest.  No, improvement?  Replace the 24 port with one of the 8 ports and retest.  No, improvement?  You may have a bum network card or corrupt driver.

If removing one of the switches helped, replace that switch.

Also, are you using quality network cable and connectors?

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Hi there.

I recently put in a W2K3 SBS machine as well and haven't been very pleased with the performance. The thing to keep in mind is that SBS includes Exchange, SQL, IAS, DNS, AD, and much more. In addition to your networking equipment, you'll want to make sure you have enough horse power under the hood. My system has an Intel Xeon Dual Processor setup with 4GB of RAM and it still gets bogged down.

When you copy these files, I would suggest using the Paging Counters included with Windows to monitor disk read/writes and memory performance as the files are being copied. Once you have some numbers, you can search the internet, or Experts Exchange, to see if you can find some comparable numbers. Perhaps these numbers might suggest more memory.

I would also check the Server Performance Reports to see how the CPU time and Memory Usage are being used. Those might help you narrow down the bottleneck even further.

This article will help you setup performance counters:;en-us;324752

Good luck!
micamediaAuthor Commented:
Well i did the recommended rededit from microsoft (turn off some security settings on files or something). And that did speed things up a bit.

However i would say i'm getting about 2M a second file copies right now. Shouldn't it be faster then that. (and yes everything is set to 100M Full Duplex).

Is that  mege byte or bit ?

2 mega bytes is little slow , but may be all your server can handle

What kind on server do have, cpu type and  speed, lan card type and speed, disk drive type and speed, how much ram ?
micamediaAuthor Commented:
it's the old switches. but i will give you all point for helping out.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Don't bother giving me anything - I didn't say anything really relevent.
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