dial up connection keeps popping up

dial up connection keeps popping up when i start my computer and keeps doing so continuosly
am running IE6
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Check for Spy/Malware.  SpyBot, Adaware, and HiJack This are good. Links are here:


Check to see if any programs are set for autoupdate.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Go to your internet control panel and, assuming you are using a DSL or cable connection, look at the connections tab - You may have your system set to "Always dial my default connection" which will happen whenever a program tries to access the internet.  However, I'd also look into spy/adware as coral47 suggests - it's possible one of those type of programs is trying to access the internet and causing that to pop up.
well i suggest u follow leew comments ands even after that if dial up keeps running on start up then it could be a adware/malware u could hv downloaded this dialer form the net unknowingly i hope ur internet home page is not hijacked cause if it is then it could be a adware problem i suggest u log on 2 www.downloads .com and down load the following sofware

adware remover  personal edition
spybot search and destroy

all these softwares r free also i suggest u install a personal firewall which would be very helpful i suggest kerio personal firewall it is also free 2 download

also i sugeest u log on 2 these website


these should help u

hope this help

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Download HJT from here


Install it to here "C:\HJT\HJT.exe"

open it, click scan bottom right, it will trun into a save log button, click it, save the log to desktop, open the log, copy and paste that text in there to the site here


in the bottom window of this site, click analyze under that window, copy the link to the page back here so I or an expert can analyze it.

DON'T, I repeat, DON'T attempt to do it yourself. Post the link here so a professional can assit you.


Are you running Symantec/Norton products?

Turn off autoupdate in LiveUpdate.

fionardAuthor Commented:
have done only dial default and have run anrivirus for spy/adware and still does same
have turned off auto update aswell
Did you install any new programs just before this started happening?
Hmmmm...... You could try a repair of IE.  Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>IE>click repair in the menu that comes up.

Also W98 and IE6 have been known not to play well together. You might need to go back to IE5.5
Could use some more info:
Is this a new update (IE)?
Has it been working, or just started doing this?
Are you running W98 or W98SE? Updated?
fionardAuthor Commented:
thanks for quick feedback guys
did not install anything new as far as i can remember this has been going on for a while
have only recently updated my norton antivirus also only downloaded IE6 in the last few days before running IE5 and was still the same
further when running scandisk and defrag they keep restarting because it says something is running even though no applications open

cheers fi
fionardAuthor Commented:
more info
running win98 no upgrade
Try running scandisk and defrag in Safe Mode. Check Msconfig < Start>Run>type msconfig > to see what all is loading on bootup. Or Here:

Registry settings. < Start>Run>type Regedit >



As for the dialup, It still sounds like some program is trying to dial out for an update. Have you check all programs for auto update dettings? Antivirus, Media Players,  
Do you have a firewall installed? These will usually tell you what program is trying to dial out.
Zone Alarm is good and free. Link is here:
fionardAuthor Commented:
thanx again coral]
have checked windows media player have unchecked download codecs
would this be the problem?????
will check settings for scandisk etc when logg off
cheers fi
Hmmmmm.....my last post seems to be missing some things.    : /

>> after media Players, << should be " including RealPlayer, Jukebox, etc. Also MS Office, and half a dozen other programs.

Link for Zone Alarm should be here:


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