Outgoing SMTP w/ Linksys BEFW11S4 ans Westel DSL modem

Current configuration is a Westel cable modem (DHCP disabled) and a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless Router using DHCP for my desktop and my laptop and PDA.  Email client = Outlook 2000.  I normally use mail.bellsouth.net for all my email and it works fine.  Then I added a new Outlook account to receive/send email on a webmail account for my civic club - www.lafayettekiwanis.org.  Although I can download mail from the kiwanis site, I cannot send mail using a lafayettekiwanis.org "from" address.  (I have this account setup at work using Groupwise and it works fine, BTW)  I thought that it might be ZoneAlarm or Norton, but then I tried to "telnet www.lafayettekiwanis.org 25" from the laptop (which has neither ZA nor Norton) and I couldn't see the server.

So I think that the problem must be at my router.  Any ideas what to set on the router if this indeed appears to be the culprit ?

Thanks very much to all,
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If your ISP is "bellsouth" (?) you will probably find they block port 25 traffic to any server but their own. All your outgoing should be directed to their SMTP server. You will probably have to have a "FROM" address that corresponds to your subscription, otherwise it may be denied relay because the sender is not in their domain.

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KevinAuthor Commented:
Yep.  I verified this by

1.  Calling Bellsouth tech support.  After the technician had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, and recommended that I delete all my Outlook accounts and recreate them, I found a better explanation at:

2. http://home.bellsouth.net/csbellsouth/s/editorial.dll?fromspage=all/home.htm&categoryid=&bfromind=62&eeid=3784168&eetype=article&render=y&ck=

Thanks very much.

My pleasure :)
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