How to convert DBX file into PST file and then join all those PST's into single PST.

I have a problem and want a great soln.I was accessing my mails thru OUTLOOK and finally i backed up all my mails( PST file),then in few occasion i had downloaded my mail thru OUTLOOK EXPRESS which are in DBX format , and i did that two three times and now iam having three different DBX files of my same e-mail account.I want to first join these three into single DBX and then want it to convert this single DBX back into PST so that then I will be having a complete backup of all my mails of the same account.

Kindly help me to get rid of this problem and how i can do it.
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pc-bilderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi sunilsoni,
here's how you merge the dbx files:;en-us;257499

the to import into outlook:
1-in outlook express go to file>export>messages (and contacts if you wish), and this will guide you through the process of exporting to outlook.
2-in outlook, File>import & export>import internet mail & addresses (these should be similar in your version of outlook), follow the prompts.

i think you'll need to remember where you exported to from outlook express, in order to point to that/those files when you do the outlook importing in step 2.

I am sure you got the method by pc-bilder's comment.

Lets say you have one pst already in your OL
You can import the emails from outlook express to get the second PST.
Now you should see 2 PSTs in your Outlook.
Just copy the emails (select all or CTRL + A) from one PST and paste in another or just drag and drop.. Now you would have one PST with all emails and other data..

Remove the other PST and now you got one big PST..

Read this article to merge the 3 outlook express folders
 and then import them into pst as described by pc-bilder and sunray_2003
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or archive one pst to the other one..
sunilsoniAuthor Commented:
PC-bilder and sunray thanks for your nice soln. and it works ,but iam now in another problem.I had export my mail by the method suggested but now iam having many duplicate mails and totally it is showing 1200 mails.Now i need your kind help in get rid of the dulicate mails.Since the mailbox size is too big now so deleting duplicate mails manually will take long time.Any help in this regards will be of great help to me.
i've seen this utility work, and it's also one of the "accepted answers" from an identical question here on EE.
I guess you are talking about removing duplicates in outlook.
I see there are few sharewares to remove it.

You can also check "traval's" suggestion here

oops, you're right, disregard that utility at soft32, i forgot we were talking about outlook NOT express
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