I Need to ignore non-alpha characters in PHP / mySQL search...

Hello All,

I have a list of names, etc in a mySQL database where some contain periods as well as commas, /, &, etc.

How can I include those names in the results if a user does not enter those extra characters in the search form ?
Basically I want those characters completely ignored.

A record might be for Mr Black and I want the results to display that record if a user searched for Mr Black or Mr. Black
Alternatively, The record could include the period (as in Mr.) so it should work inversely too.

I tried using LIKE in my sql query but this didn't provide the results I need.

To make this even more interesting, there are also situations where & and AND need to be interchanged. So a search for 'Black and Son' should result in records that are actually 'Black & Son', and inversely.
What would be the best approach for this?
I am not able to modify the way names are formatted within the records, but I COULD add an extra field where alternate name formats are stored. I would really like to avoid this option as it would mean manual modification to such records.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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i would use str_replace function to replace any characters you dont want. only prob is that you have to pull back the records first and then remove all the unwanted chars then compare with the search query entered.


$name = str_replace('&','and',$db_name); // where db_name is field from row of db record

you can do the same if you want to remove , / . etc just replace them with either a space or nothing

e.g. $field = str_repalce('.','',$db_field);

mysql does have a replace function that is similar to php one so try it out
e.g. "select replace({your_field_name},'&','and') where....."


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I have only a real ugly and cpu wasting solution, so just use it if it is not you server :>

for ($i=0; $i<strlen($search); $i++){
$query="SELECT * FROM table WHERE field REGEXP '$s'";
Fulltext searching does this automatically.


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