windows screen freezes

hi there

well i m using win 98 i hv adequate adware/malwareand virus protection installed on my computer i also hv a personal fire wall my proble is since the past 5-6 days when i m using the internet my windows screen suddenly freezesand nothing seem 2 work although i can move my cursor nothing happens i try crtl alt del at time it works and at times i hv 2 reboot the machine using the reset
also my connection 2 the internet get cut of i hv spoken 2 my internet operater the connection from his end is fine the problem is from my side i think it maybe a virus that is causing this

any takers

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Which virus scanner, and spyware/adware scanners are you using?  I was having similar problems with my computer.  First I ran Spybot S&D, but it didn't find anything.  Then I ran Hijack This.  It found 6 problems that it fixed.  Then I ran McAfee, and it found 7 adware files which I deleted.  Then I ran the AOL spyware scanner and it found 5 more files which I deleted.  My computer seems to be working fine now, but I'm still not sure that it is completely clean.  I am also running a personal firewall, and access the internet through a NAT firewall on my LAN.  That is still no guarantee that nothing will get in.
Run these if you don't already :

     Spybot :
     adaware :
     STINGER  :                                           online scan for trojans            CWshredder                           download                            check the log
02228540675Author Commented:
thx for the commets guys but still does not help one important thing that i forgot 2 mention is that i hv a problem when i try 2 shut down at times windows shuts  down when given shut command and at times it takes for ever for it 2 shut down
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You may be running some tasks/software that causes that problem.

Shutdown all running tasks before shutting down the PC.

If that solves the problem, selectively shutdown programs (before shutting down PC) and try locating the culprit this way.

If you recently installed some programs and then the problems appeared, then through the control uninstall them all. See if you have a problem.  Let us know.

If you do not, then reinstall each oneand check the PC after each installation.

Also can try a previous registry when your PC did work.

To go back to a registry that worked previously all you do is:
Open Windows Explorer
Go to windows/system
Copy scanreg.exe or scanregw.exe to a floppy
Take out the floppy
Reboot the PC
Now RAPIDLY PRESS {F8} button, do not just hold it down.
You will be presented with the option to go to dos mode.
Select dos mode which should be #5
You will be at the C:\ prompt
Insert the floppy
Type A:\ and enter
At A:\  type scanreg /restore
You will be presented with 4 previous registries, chose the date that the machine worked.
Reboot the machine

Provide us some feed back on the comments so that we can further assist you if necessary.

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You can also try SFC.exe which will look for corrupted files and prompt you to replace them from your floppy.

Open Windows explorer
Go to windows\system and click on SFC

The last one and they should be done in this order is to reinstall windows on top of windows. I may sound like a 'medicine man' peddling a bottle of tonic that will cure all ailments. I actually do use it when the others I mentioned do not work. I do it out of frustration and many times I get surprising results!

After that I start going deeper. I would not recommend it if I had not used it my self out of frustration many times.

Open Win98
Insert the win98 cd rom
A template may appear from the cd rom. Just click on the X
Open windows explorer.
Go to the device where the cd rom is located
Go to win98 folder
Click on start up.

Some times you may get the message that a driver is missing for the video card etc. Just remember that the procedure does not wipe out anything. One or two like that may appear. Just continue reinstalling windows. At the end everything will be fine.
Oh, I forgot something important: It it offers you to install windows say in Windows000, DO NOT DO IT!

I just woke up and went to the PC instead of getting some coffee.
02228540675Author Commented:
thx for ur suggestions guys problem solved now thankyou once again

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