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Flash and open new window

I have developed an eBrochure for my company.  What I want to happen is for the a flash button to open a new window with the eBrochure movie in it.  But I want the window to stripped down of the location bar, menu bar, scroll bar, etc.  I've seen several references on how to do this via Javascript and I know that you can embed simple javascript in the getURL I don't know of a way to embed those functions that the links rely upon.

Is there a way to do this?
1 Solution
what exactly do you mean by

"  I don't know of a way to embed those functions that the links rely upon. "

which links and which functions?

here's an example from kirupa. //directly on the button, no javascript required in the html.

on (release) {
      //customize the window that gets opened
      // 0 equals NO.
      // 1 equals YES.
      address = "http://www.kirupa.com/modular/pop-up.htm";
      target_winName = "kirupa";
      width = 400;
      height = 300;
      toolbar = 0;
      location = 0;
      directories = 0;
      status = 0;
      menubar = 0;
      scrollbars = 1;
      resizable = 0;
      //sends data back to the function
      openWinCentre(address, target_winName, width, height, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable);

then the openWinCentre method on the timeline:

Movieclip.prototype.openWinCentre = function (url, winName, w, h, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable) {
      getURL ("javascript:var myWin; if(!myWin || myWin.closed){myWin = window.open('" + url + "','" + winName + "','" + "width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",toolbar=" + toolbar + ",location=" + location + ",directories=" + directories + ",status=" + status + ",menubar=" + menubar + ",scrollbars=" + scrollbars + ",resizable=" + resizable + ",top='+((screen.height/2)-(" + h/2 + "))+',left='+((screen.width/2)-(" + w/2 + "))+'" + "')}else{myWin.focus();};void(0);");

this is a better version. Check it out :
this one will not only popup window but a window that is floating without any FRAME or Border..
Recommened ;)

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