Making XP Home secure for internet cafe

I am setting up a new computer as an internet browser for use by campers at a campsite in New Zealand and wish to make XP Home secure from people downloading and mucking about with the settings.
Is there any simple way I can disable the right click function of the mouse, the Start button, and any shortcut key combinations, so that only the icons on the desktop can be double clicked (which will be the IE icon only). Also is there any way that I can prevent downloads?
All this should be for one account only - obviously a separate admin account would have normal access.
There are other ways of doing this, but I'm looking for a disabling way as described above,although would a kiosk mode do it?
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With some freeware tweaking utilities, such as TweakXP or XP Manager (not freeware that one); you can disable certain mouse clicks or areas that you don't want the user to go into.

With internet explorer, you can use the built in content advisor, or use another product like Netnanny or something similar.

I would reccomend using at least XP Pro to gain a fuller control over your system (like setting read/write permissions for folders)

Good luck!
If Home isn't too far off from Professional, click start, run and enter "mmc". Now select "Add Snapin" and search for something like "policy editor" or "group policy editor". Now open this policy editor and you should be able to set many different options.
I wasn't sure if home had the group policy options.

I believe it's start->run->gpedit.msc in XP Pro.
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JohnDeckerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the starters - I'll try TweakXP. I don't think Home has group policy options, though.
JohnDeckerAuthor Commented:
Any links to TweakXP freeware?
Actually, I found a link which may be of use to you.

It's a freeware internet cafe program.  "Cafe Cop"

"This is a freeware desktop utility for system administration, Internet billing, Web site blocking and filtering."

That may be a better choice than tweaking your XP.

Let us know how you get on.

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Skip XP, much better idea would be to install Fedora 3 and Firefox browser on all the systems then you would never have virus or other problems.
Or, use KNOPPIX and run everything from CD.

Anything else, Fedora or other Linux flavor would be ideal.
Try for a < 50mb version of linux to try out. Easy to use. Runs from CD. Does not touch your harddrive.
JohnDeckerAuthor Commented:
Hmm, yes there ARE other ways, and even Xp Pro would be better, but I wanted answers for Xp Home. Still waiting to try the Cafe Cop and others - will let you know.
JohnDeckerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay..

Group policy editing proved fruitless so I tried Cafe Cop. It does have its limitations (it allows an extraordinary range of protection, but not some really necessary ones; that and it costs money - boo) but it does 97% of what I want. The client has now tested it and seems happy. Thanks.

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