Give sound to ASP.NET page. How to make the system beep after the page is loaded?

I have an application, i want to have it beep when the page id finished loading. Is there any way that doesn't leave any media player, graphs, on the end page when playing? All i need is just  a beep after page is loading. I used:
<img dynsrc="images/chimes.wav" />

But doesn't work except leave an image sign in the end page. Any idea to play chimes.wav for the confirmation of valid user input?
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Hi heyday2004,

try something like that

<script language="javascript">
function play()

<body onload="play();">
<bgsound src="images/chimes.wav" disabled="true" id="bgs1">

I was using the trick below, give it a try

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Excerpt from the article

WIDTH and HEIGHT This is how the sound control (console) will be displayed. Setting them as the given numbers, browsers will display a full console. Setting the width=0 and height=2, the console will not displayed by the browsers. Other values that too small will cause the browsers display uncompleted image. You might also hide it by placing HIDDEN=true like this: <EMBED SRC=your_file.mid AUTOSTART=true HIDDEN=true LOOP=1>
heyday2004Author Commented:
Thanks a lot! ihenry: I tested what you suggested and it works!

mmarinov: I tested the javascript, but it always reported something like: document.forms[0].bgs1: null object, etc. Have you met this before?

Thanks again and i will split the points later today.
may be because there is id attribute instead of name

<bgsound src="images/chimes.wav" disabled="true" name="bgs1">

but if the ihenry solution is correct and it is working - i think that the question is answered :-)
don't worry about the points

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