Pen Drive load problem

Hello, A friend of mine is having a problem with a pen drive, and I thought maybe someone here has heard of, or come accross something like this before.
She has been using the drive constently on a number of machines no problem. Then last night when she put the drive in her laptop (which was been used all the time) and tries to open the removable disk drive, then gets a message saying that the disk has not been formatted, and would she like to format now. I can't get on to the disk without formatting, which is a bad option as there are important files on it.

This seems pretty unusual, but in fact it happened to my fathers pen drive recently also, but his data was not important, so he just formatted, it was fine from then on.

Any ideas?

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when you right click it, what options does it give?
If you can select properties> error check let it check
You can also try it on :
another usb port
another system
That sometimes happens with no known cause or by removing the pen when reading may cause that problem the information that is in the disk get mixed up.

If this is the case it is simple. Do a scandisk on pen drive. it will find all the troubled files and will ask u if u want to save them, well they will be in different names and u will have a bit work to recover them but not much ;-)
Do that and than respond to know if it works

PS: Also u should do a defrag to the disk after recovering it ;-)


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You are aware that you need drivers for it in Win98? Maybe stupid, but tyou did not mention the OS...
obrienjAuthor Commented:
thanks for the response... as it is a buddy, it might take me until tonight to try those things... ill get back to you later, or tomorrow... thanks again
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