What security precautions should you set when using Outlook 2002?

What security precautions should you set when using Outlook 2002?
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Can you give us more details of what you need ?

Tell us more about what type of email account you have ?

These you can do

a) Make sure your OL is fully updated going to http://officeupdate.microsoft.com 

b) Install a good Anti-virus in your machine and make sure that is fully updated with latest virus definitions

c) Install a good Anti-spam software

d) Install a good firewall in your machine

e) Make sure the OS is fully updated

f) Donot open any email that you are not sure from whom it had come from and also be careful before opening emails from known contacts but with weird or unexpected "subjects". Sometimes if your contact has got your email in his address book and if a worm has infected his or her machine , it would send you an email but with subject like "Re:Hello"..  If you had not sent an email with the subject "Hello", you should not be getting emails like that.. Just be cautious..

Sparky191Author Commented:
I have about 3 pop3 accounts and 3 hotmail accounts all coming into it. OL is updated and its XP sp2 with AV and spyware/adware scanners.

I'm pretty smart about what I open etc. I suppose my question is more directed at the configuration of OL about HTML pages, activeX controls, VBA macro's etc. That kinda stuff.
Check this

and especially the " Outlook Email Security update " link..

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