Email Attachments not being received by recipients


This is our situation.

Statements and quotes in the form of HTML attachments are generated on a database, picked from the database using a mail daemon program and sent off to the specified address which is inserted by our sales reps.

Now, these HTML attachments are for the majority of the part being received by clients but a handful of clients are not receiving the attachments. They are not receiving
The clients that do not receive the attachments are using Outlook Express 6.

We recently reloaded our mail server and re-installed Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000. Before the reload we did not have this issue.

In ‘global settings’ in exchange system manager I have configured the ‘internet message format’ to always use ‘exchange rich text format’ and under the message format tab in ‘Message Encoding’ have checked MIME ‘provide message body as plain text’.

I was advised by another IT expert to do a registry edit ( which I did but after testing did not change a thing, so I changed the registry back to how it was originally.

Any help, suggestions or assistance will be much appreciated.
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are the recipents of these emails all within your own exchange organization or are you trying to send these to people not in your own domain?
Is it that they are not reciving the attachments in Outlook Express or that they cannot open them?

In outlook express there is an option to disable the opening or saving of potentially unsafe attachments.  This is enabled by default.  Check the following:

Click Tools -> Options
Click on the Security tab
Under Virus Protection check to make sure that "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opend that could potentially be a virus" is not checked.

Let me know,


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mustekkznAuthor Commented:
Hi Folks

What I decided to do was recreate the error here.i got tired and fed up with rude clients and asking them for assistance. i found that outlook express did recieve the attachments even though they did not look like they where present, after importing outlook express mail into outlook the attachments where present and viewable. in all the cases where the clients could not receive the attachments they where using outlook express. If they simply moved over to using Outlook they could view the attachment 100%

Matt: i tried that solution of going to tools ---> security tab, a while back but no success.

Natcom: it was a setting in exchange 2000.

this is the solution i came up with.

In exchange system manager under 'global settings', the 'internet message formats'  configuration i changed was under the message format tab. it was orginally set  to provide MIME encoding for 'message body as plain text' and under the 'advanced tab' to always use exchange rich text format.
I changed this configuration to provided MIME encoding for HTML and plain text bodies and under the 'advanced tab' i selected 'Never Use' exchange Rich text Format.

after these 2 setting changes i tested it and attachments went through to outlook express.

Thanks for you timely response folks, much appreciated
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