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     I have a follow-up question  on virtual tapes.   I just want to know what are the benefits of using virtual tapes versus an actual hard Disk,  which of the two is better and is reliable to use in a back-up solution.
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Read the link.

Virtual Tapes is a way to prepare the HardDisk for a backup server. Apparently its more efficient for it. Virtual Tape is a program that is using the actual harddisk - so there is no difference for you on a hardware level, but on a software level /performance it does have its advantages.

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Why would want a Virtual tape

Most back software now supports direct to disk

When on the disk it is just a file that can be copy, moved or what every

and just copying your stuff to disk is good to.

Here is a great great  article I found discusses the matter.

But, I still think theres nothing like the good old tape backup. And only for the reason you can take the tape off site with no problem. Virtual Tape is the use of any RAID like system to emmit tape library thus achieving both speed and data integrity.

Combining the two technologies, I think, is best but is costly...

Hope that helped in some way...

virtual tape or backup to disk is a huge improvement over traditional tape in that the throughput for a restore is tremendous. the backup time is faster as well but we all know how long it takes for a tape to restore large amounts of data. with backup to disk you are basically backing up to a hard drive like you would copy files. however virtual tape emulates the storage of tape and segments off a portion of space for backup. the backup is stored linearly where as backup to disk can suffer from fragmentation. keeping it linear will help with performance and integrity of the backup. also with virtual tape it provides an easier integration into existing backup software(i.e. veritas, arcserve) because it can emulate the tapes. the backup software will just see the virtual tape as a tape drive and will not know the difference. this makes it an easy option for compatibility.
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