Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 graphics not working on windows XP

Hi all!
I need to write a program in Turbo Pascal which uses Graphics, however I cannot make it work on Windows XP.  
I could partition the hard disk and install also windows98 however I still need the program to run on XP.
Can anyone help please?


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Could you clarify "not working"? Are you getting an error message, freeze, or what?
saskya75Author Commented:
I'm getting a graphics not initialised error - the program works fine on windows98.  I checked the path of the bgi files on my computer and it is correct
Since Turbo Pascal was for MS DOS, is it compatible with Win XP?

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saskya75Author Commented:
everything else other than the graph unit seems to work.  I was wondering whether anyone experienced the same problem with the graph unit.

Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I think you'll have to check the compatibility options in XP and adjust them for your application. Furthermore, forget about using DOS applications within Windows XP because MS doesn't want to support DOS applications anymore.
You could download VMWare from and install it. Then you can create a virtual machine and run your executable within this virtual machine. (After you've installed DOS or Windows on this virtual machine.)

Also keep in mind that Turbo Pascal is over a decade old now. It's still in use at some places but it's not really useful these days, unless you also have antiquated hardware... ;-)

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saskya75Author Commented:
I need to finsh an assignment in Pascal so i don't  really have a choice.  

Thanks for your helpful hints

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