Parsing a XMLDocument in a DLL - A.V.

Hi all,

I have a DLL that downloads a XML document from a website or a file share and puts it into a TMemoryStream. I then create a TXMLDocument and load the XML from the stream. Like this:

    XMLDocument := TXMLDocument.Create(nil);
      XMLDocument.Active := true;

Next I need to get one value out of the XML file and carry on doing other stuff, but here comes my problem... When I try to access XMLDocument.DocumentElement I get an Access Violation and I can't figure out why. My code continues like this:

      FNewApplicationVersion := XMLDocument.DocumentElement.ChildNodes.FindNode('ApplicationVersion').Text;   <------ Throws exception
      on E: Exception do begin
        ShowMessage('Error: ' + E.Message);

The exception I get is "Access Violation at address 00002000. Read of address 00002000"

My variable declarations look like this:
  streamXMLFile : TMemoryStream;
  XMLDocument : TXMLDocument;
  FNewApplicationVersion : String;

As I mentioned this is a DLL. The same code works fine in a normal application... Any ideas?
I have done the trick with including ActiveX in my uses clause and calling CoInitialize in the initialization section.

Best regards,
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
XML is case-sensitive. Is it 'ApplicationVersion' or 'applicationversion'?
BarCode99Author Commented:
The text is copied straight from the XML file ("ApplicationVersion")...
BarCode99Author Commented:
Alternatively, are there other components I can use to parse the XML and read the value of a specific node easily?

I know about OpenXML. Does anybody have any experience with it?

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BarCode99Author Commented:
OK I worked it out, but maybe someone can tell me what I did wrong???

If I change the declaration of XMLDocument from TXMLDocument to IXMLDocument (I not T) and remove the FreeAndNil it all works. The Create statement is still TXMLDocument.Create...

What about memory? Since there is no FreeAndNil, am I leaking like a sieve? Any thoughts?

no, when you use a local variable as interface type, it is automatically released when you no longer work with (at the end of procedure).
BarCode99Author Commented:
OK, so no worries then...

Thanks for you input  guys.

I'm going to ask for my points back as I solved it myself...

Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
PAQ and refund acceptable by me.
It's ok for me too.
Closed, 125 points refunded.

Thanks Workshop_Alex and bpana !

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