Seeking reliable server for small site(s)

I've been through 3 different web hosts, one went out of business, one changed their rules to no longer support my requirements, and one dropped in quality too significantly for me to continue paying them for the service.  So I'm looking for a new host.

I have a personal site and a number of small sites to demonstrate for my online portfolio.  They all reside within one domain and subdomains of it.  Call this reseller if you want, I think a regular cpanel account will handle this with subdomains, as long as enough are supported.

I need at least 5 MySQL databases.  I need PHP 4.3+.  I need a number of PHP extensions installed (cURL, PDFLib).

I need to be able to maintain, in some manner, custom DNS records for my domain, hosted by you.  My previous provider supported this via WHM but the WHM/Cpanel software often reset my domain, causing all sorts of problems including my personal email completely dying.  Best preference would be the ability to set your DNS server as a slave to my master for the domain.  Acceptable would be letting my server slave to yours and managing to keep my records around.

SSH access is a serious plus.  Crontab access is very important.  Hopefully within the continental United States.  You need to be able to properly set your machine as a secondary MX, mail for the domain is sent to my mail server, not yours.

I need no more than 500mb disk space and 5gb monthly transfer.  Low price is important, but high quality is also important.
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Hostony is a good company that I have used, which has shared hosting plans that offer what you are looking for (see features at  The one element I'm not sure about is the DNS setup you're talking about, but if they can't accommodate you directly, you could use a third-part DNS service (like as your slave service.

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Here's a realiabe, yet VERY cheap hosting company (and domain names, etc):

Also, a great UK based service, rather cheap, and very reliable:

arantiusAuthor Commented:
Well hostonly is just a little more expensive than I was hoping for, unless I prepay a lot more than I was hoping for.
I never realized zoneedit was free for limited use though .. that will solve all my DNS issues and greatly opens up my available hosts to choose from.

Dr... none of those hosts come close to the requirements I posted.
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sorry Arantius; I was in a rush, and didn't actually read your Q; I just assumed that you required some reliable servers for your site.. However, I must point out that both of them do in fact come close to your requirements, for I have used them, and required similar things (and have got them).
Sometimes, you must request certain things, as they're not included in any packages.

Either way; good luck with it all.

Right, ZoneEdit is free, but only for the first five domains.

Hostony isn't the cheapest option, but I used them for quite a while and found them to be reliable.  There are a few other good hosts I have had good experience with and often recommend - and which are cheaper than Hostony - but none of them had all the features you were looking for.
arantiusAuthor Commented:
Yes exactly I have quite a laundry list of requirements.  Thanks for your help.  I have selected a slightly less expensive host but if things don't work out I'm leaning towards hostony as my next try =)
Glad to be of some help.  I hope the one you've chosen turns out to be excellent.  If so, just make sure you come back and tell us which one it is :)
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